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Restricted Searches

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Note: Only those pages has pagerank 5 or more. link:: presents the pages (Page Rank greater than or equal to 5) * Web link to the cache: url: We show the version of the page defined by url that Google has in its memory, ie copy the Google bot did the last time I went through that page. cache:: presenting Galinus version that Google keeps in its memory. Introducing a term (or more) after the url, Google will display the copy in memory of the page with the (or) terms highlighted. * Info: url: Google will present information on the website that corresponds with the url. Hudson River will undoubtedly add to your understanding. info:: Displays information on the web * related: url: Google will return pages similar to specifying the url. Although it is difficult to understand what kind of relationship takes into account Google to display those pages. related: Restricted Searches * allinanchor: terms: Google limits searches to those pages pointed to by links where the text contains the search terms.

* Inanchor: term: Searches are restricted to those targeted by links where the text contains the specified term. Unlike allinanchor can be combined with the usual search. * Intext: term: Restricts results to those texts that contain the word in the text. * Allinurl: Terms: Only show results containing the search terms in the url. * Inurl: word: The results are restricted to those that contain the term in the url. * Allintitle: terms: Restrict the results to those containing the words in the title.