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Payment Morality Falls

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Prior Inkasso GmbH about the results of a survey of BDIU. Hamm, in July 2010: according to a current poll result of the Federal Association of German debt collection company, BDIU short, the payment in the middle class in the entire Federal territory further decreased. By the fact that their bills delayed more and more consumers or don’t pay, threatens many companies nationwide, with lingering situation in the worst bankruptcy. In the current survey of BDIU, 48% of the debt collection companies surveyed have confirmed that bills are paid later. 47% believe that the payment within the last six months has deteriorated even further. Hear other arguments on the topic with NY Museums .

Due to the low payment of many consumers, many companies because of the resulting high post run into economic trouble. In the current year of 2010, the BDIU anticipates up to 36,000 corporate insolvencies in Germany. This is a negative increase of 10% compared with the number of insolvency of 2009 amounting to 32.687 insolvencies. Terrifying. Order to open Claims against companies not summing to a looming insolvency from the way can go and, the prior Inkasso GmbH recommends a timely action.

Efficiently the liquidity trap due to open claims to protect companies, potential borrowers before conclusion of the contract should be identified. Therefore, it offers prior as additional service professional credit and debtor information. This service can customers get a information on existing or future customers and thus effectively protect yourself against non-contribution. “This the customer may contact, whether by a potential client called”hard”or soft” negative characteristics are available. These include including ongoing debt collection procedures or the submission of an affidavit. This is the case, the experts advise the prior Inkasso GmbH-valuable, for dealing with such prospects at best. A successful claim management of debt collection specialist prior Inkasso GmbH offers its customers. The service the recovery of open claims, as well as qualitative credit and debtor information includes the prior Inkasso GmbH. The prior Inkasso GmbH operates a professional receivables management through which causes defaulting customers to pay outstanding amounts for their customers. The Receivables Management of debt collection specialist includes telephone contact with the debtor in addition to sending out collection letters of formal notice. Psychology, as well as special tact are crucial factors, which applies the prior Inkasso GmbH for the recovery of the debt through the procedure. In doing so, has the necessary legal expertise the staff of prior Inkasso GmbH and is also specially trained on these situations. PRIOR INKASSO GMBH i.a. T.Hoffmann