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How To Open Online Store

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Internet store needs no introduction, we’ve all seen them on the Internet, the most reckless daredevils, attracted by low prices, even dared to anything out there to buy. No rentals, no sales, no fire inspectors and inspections, even to the warehouse sometimes do not have to spend money. Once paid the money and showcase your store open to tens, hundreds, thousands of curious onlookers. Read more here: NY museums . Advertising on the Internet for similar sites virtually free, so all you need is – to fill its new website scenic photographs or videos of products, write to the buyer how to buy on your site and earn, earn, earn! 6 steps to open its online store (detailed instructions for the opening of online store) 1.You are asking how to open an online store? At the opening of its online store, with our help, you will take from one to a few days, here everything will depend on the size of your catalog with products and your requirements for the design of your Internet shop. 2.For to open online shop the first thing you have to determine that going to sell. 3.Sleduyuschy step – custom domain name, we recommend you order from the audited registrars, personally I would advise 4.Dalee – perhaps the most important step: the opening. The choice here is small, you can either order creation of an Internet store or use the services of web-service, or, more simply, an already established online shop.

Such as: Shopify or InSales. If this is your first online shop, start with a Web service, quickly and inexpensively. 5.Teper, when the online store is open, we add products from the catalog. Here we must pay careful attention to your photos, you should know that only the visibility in the presentation of products will enable you to successfully sell them.

Website Design

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Perhaps at this point, almost any company one way or another is available on the Internet. If the company does not have a site that is at least a page with contact information, or so-called business card site. But what do you do if you want to create a versatile, beautiful site, with a full description of the company's services, income-generating website, and the budget at the same time during a crisis is small? The answer to this may be buying a domain name hyped and ready branch site. It is not something Danny Meyer would like to discuss. Buying untwisted domain name that is up to you for a long time there was a site with similar themes, you provide a faster and therefore less costly promotion resource. Search engines already know the name, and likely that many sites already link to it. A branch can buy ready made solutions free you from all those costs that are associated with the creation of a new website – pay designer, layout designer and programmers.

In this case you will know that this decision is fully realizes the needs of your business, takes much less time, and keep within a modest budget! The company Webmedia for over seven years creating and promoting sites. Connect with other leaders such as best bars in New York here. During this time, we have implemented hundreds of projects of any complexity and subject matter. We can offer solutions for the smallest of budgets and for a solid business – projects. The advantage of our company is to open and affordable pricing through the full price list on our website. With us you can be sure that all work will be to perform high-level professionals! The advantages of our company in an open pricing system.

C Through a powerful and affordable prices on our website, You can easily calculate the project budget according to your wishes. All work to create for you will perform professional. We also render services on promotion and advertising resources on the network. This will save the budget and bring in more business than the standard methods of advertising your business!

Create Site

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Building a house is known to cause troublesome, challenging spiritual and physical energy and financial costs. All this fully applies to the development of the site. You can hire a construction trust, to invest huge funds to build a palace and is akin to the Winter, it is possible for free mangled branches and make a tent. A better define its financial capabilities and try to build these facilities house quality. Take into account the need and the fact that this house will see not only in Russia, CIS countries, but also residents of other countries. NYC Mayors opinions are not widely known.

A natural question – how much money do I need to develop a web site? Answer: in Russia it costs from $ 100 to $ 40,000. Use your money efficiently, that is, development of the site should not go 5% of your money, and all 100%. To do this, take a stroll on the Internet at least a week, see which sites are better. Must be guided by site dedicated to your project or a similar topic. Typically, such sites on the Internet already. If not – and it does not matter – will stop at the most beautiful. At the bottom of the main page of the site developer is always indicated.

The site, consisting of 50 pages or more will cost from $ 2,000. This cost should include style and design of the site itself, registering with search engines and rankings, posting messages on bulletin boards and forums. Sites made in technology Flash, are much more expensive, but it's only fashion. Using Flash gives to long loading site (in minutes) that causes loss of about 40% of visitors. As a rule, the visitor will find an open site and 45 seconds and then goes away from you once and for all. Development of the site take no more than a month, but the site would be understandable, easily identified in the search engines to look good, but the main thing would be worthy of your home or business on the Internet.

WP Security Scan

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Bloggers and webmasters can not stand nor any of their attacks by hackers. The more popular your website or blog, the more it wants to crack. Below you will learn five tips and plugins that can help prevent hacking blog. Know that it is better take care of protection in advance, than to suffer from hacker attacks. 1. Make a backup of the database using the plug WP-database backup The first important piece of advice: make a backup of your database as often as possible. You can make it more difficult way: go into phpMyAdmin on your server, and you can use a simple plugin that does it for you. All you need – is go to the admin panel and click a few links.

Plugin WP-database backup You can configure it to everyone Day sent a dump of the database on your mail. 2. Scan all files on the existence of weaknesses next step is to scan all the installed files for vulnerabilities. In this case, we will plug WP Security Scan. He finds all vulnerabilities and suggest ways of solving problems. Also, this plugin is able to rename prefixes in the names of database tables, test your password, delete the administrator account. In addition, the plugin checks all folders and their permissions. 3.

Protect your blog from the "brute force" "brute force" – a brute-force password guessing all possible options. There are special programs and scripts that can go through hundreds of thousands of different passwords within a few hours – so you need a very complex password (as many characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and other characters). In addition, it is useful to add the folder wp-admin login form to Apache. This can be easily done with a plug-in Ask Apache. Plug-in protects access to the admin folder, an additional password to the server level. In addition, this plugin can prevent "hotlinking" or direct access to the folder wp-content and wp-includes. 4. Fear of unknown Some plug-ins can contain vulnerabilities. It is therefore very important that the contents of the folder wp-content/plugins was not available to the curious eyes of hackers. The latest versions of WordPress, this folder is protected by default. In addition, very important that all plugins have been updated to the latest version, as older versions will likely not safe. 5. Hide his version of WordPress If a hacker finds your version of the blog, he can easily identify weaknesses. For show version meets the meta tag version. Nebhodimo go to the header.php file of your theme and delete the row with this tag. You can make it even easier to use and plug-in. He is able to insert fraudulent version. I hope this post you will help better protect your blog from the hands of hackers.


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When it comes to driving or operating an own online business from home that is the longing of many modern workers who want economic independence, we speak of having available the use of time without the established schedules and own goals that are not imposed by a third party or parties. But to succeed in this, required of a life organized in the use of time every day, otherwise you can become an autosabotaje that you will alienate more and more of the proposed goals. Acquire knowledge of how it manages time will represent a fundamental skill that you should implement and refine to be productive and not fall victim to financial obligations that do not hold, or be dominated by the postponement for ti. With the information that you will receive in the following article you will get six key points that will allow you to better manage your time and every minute of your new independent workday will be more productive for it. 1 Concentration: This is one of the fundamental pillars for achieving the success and maintain it.Often you not reach the necessary concentration well you’re immersed mentally in past events because you are worried about the future. Don’t let these thoughts to interrupt and affect your present tense, which is the only thing you can control. 2.

Positive view: If you keep a positive vision and always think optimistically, you’ll find it easier to keep you focused on your road to success. Works to ward off negative thoughts and everytime you detect that you have thoughts that you are overwhelming, remove them from your mind displaying screenshots of your own well-being. Get pictures in your mind showing you happy with your family, having to have achieved your goals. 3 Dedication: Focus on a single task and dedicate yourself to it exclusively. Don’t let that the frenetic pace of modern society affects you, do many things simultaneously is not healthy nor productive.