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City Nursery

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Perhaps this is the kid who would be a long journey towards a mature feel about this is not the strongest wishes, perfectly capture the Babe from the movie about a volatile Carlson, who lives on the roof. To deepen your understanding Danny Meyer is the source. Or rather – no the desire to get a dog. Of course not every such desire becomes the present, maintaining a home favorite, but later, when people are older, this wish was not lost. It is only increases. And just because enough of us do not have enough.

. . Tactile sensations. Credit: Bill de Blasio-2011. People lack the touch, if alter psychological term in a more familiar concept. And in addition to lacking interaction. Not enough affection, which is often crowded children's time. And what can be nicer than later in their own, start a new family, eventually, the dog, which for so long dreamed of? and the best option in today, we can say is free, small, apartment, will be high-spirited New York.

wool, small volume, sociable and cheerful nature – of such a dog can only dream of. And yet – on its loyalty, which in principle is infinite. Yorkshire Terrier – is not only fashionable dog, which can be placed in your home and use as a movie image. It is also a small, gentle fellow who will need your guardianship over him and brings you the affection and loyalty. Naturally, if you wanted to buy this City, the right thing to go to the club. First of all, there you are guaranteed to purchase a purebred dog, but do not mix Yorkshire terrier with a yard-terrier. Mongrel – a symbol which has no dog breed, the ancestors of which is often possible to find representatives of a wide variety of breeds. Therefore, if you really want purebred dog, you should buy it only through sobakovodchesky club or a special nursery. Also in the kennel puppies Yorkshire will be including the exact genuine pedigree and veterinary instruments, with those made immunization and learn the basic associated with personal hygiene activities. And it is also important. In addition, if you get a puppy York directly through the club or nursery, you will at any time to come to the experts of the club or nursery will happen if any difficulties in caring for this dog. For example, on aspects of the procurement of high-quality feed or cosmetic compositions for the care. Cheerful and kind, with silky fur, undemanding and devotees – York is really at the moment will be able to be the antidote to the harshness and the earthiness of the present world, which is so necessary to every one of us.

New York

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A few tips for choosing clothing for dogs. 1. Do not purchase clothes without trying them on your pet. If you still such a purchase is required, prepare in advance: Measure the length of the back from the withers to the base of the tail, the volume of the breast, waist, pastern (the thickness of the paw at the widest point). Focus on the dimensional table is not worth it – at different producers is very significant differences in size. In addition, templates for different dog breeds are significantly different from each other (tax and New York, for example). 2.

Trying on clothes, let the dog go in it (the store). If Pet spinning and fidgeting, it's better not to buy such a thing – a dog, most likely will not be wearing this new thing. 3. Also note that the fabric from which clothing is sewn. It should not "whisper" – many dogs are running scared at this sound. It is also best to avoid chiming jewelry.

4. Pay special attention to the zipper. If it is on the tummy, it's better that it was a button. Zippers, Velcro, buttons for Yorkshire with long hair are not allowed. Lightning can be accidentally pinch the skin, and the buttons or Velcro tangled fur animal, and after the infliction of pain and hurt the dog will be difficult to persuade to get dressed. If the clasp is located at the back, then zip and Velcro are permissible, but necessarily with piping on the inside. 5. Clothing for outdoor activities If you are planning that your pet will actively frolic, playing with other dogs or children, the best time for it to remove excess clothing. In the heat of the gay arises dogs can catch canine, claw, or a collar for a friend and clothing, not being able to rid itself, cause not only a sharp pain, but also trauma. During the game, with children also get into trouble: the child may cling to clothing, dog the same, tearing and twisting of the children's hands, in the state and bite and mutilated. 6. On all occasions Wardrobe dogs do not have to contain clothes for all occasions, but the most necessary things (rainwear, overalls and blanket), there should be. Take care of your pet, and he will thank you always with her love.