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Brazilian People

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That is made systematically. Here the broth starts to thicken. First because invariably &#039 will be taught; ' formas' ' , and the Law gains great prominence in this process: this can and this cannot. Second because without perceiving the malice of the Brazilian and nor the real motivation of that sudden interest for the things of God, the missionary worsening the situation implanting in the mind of the native the genuine idea of Leader, English word that also can be translated Brazil as head, pag, tuchaua, big shot, ' ' homi' ' , ' ' cara' ' , among others brasileirismos. This the new converted knows well? accepted without no problem.

This concept is not new. Although the leader word does not appear in the Bible, Jesus already had alerted its disciples: ' ' You know that the ones that are recognized as governors of the heathen ones, of them if they assenhoreiam, and that on them its great ones exert autoridade' ' (Mc 10:42). Authority, power and evidence on the inhabitants of its community. Unhappyly it is this that many believers are searching. 4.Muito money and little attention. The valuation of HAVING and of the BEING is not common in the capitalized cultures more. Moreover, the volume of money that in front of runs all that people with who if it is working, is very great. The people starts to glimpse all the benefits that they can obtain through the new element in that society (she interprets $ or missionary, therefore in this case is synonymous).

Everybody wants to be benefited, and the fact one or two to be only obtained is reason of discord, also envies and cimes between the people. 5. Little or no disposal to learn with the Brazilian. But for the foreign missionary, it is making all certainty. The targets are being reached, have developed good contacts here in Brazil, the mantenedora church is contented with its reports and new projects are pipocando.

Great Years

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As if it knows, it chose, then, the pretense date of the presumption birth of J Christ. Exguo started to confection the calendar. As of custom, it was based on the Juliano Calendar. Through calculations, 754AUC retroacted to the year (46Juliano), date that, ' ' its criterion, ' ' year of the presumption found for good to fix it as the flaunter birth of J Christ. Thus, it established the year 1 of 1 century. It adopted chronology of decreasing counting for the years that if had passed previously to that landmark (year 1), assigning them to years ' ' before the Age Crist' ' (EC); e, to the posterior years, of that landmark in ahead, increasing dating, assigning them years of ' ' It was Crist' ' (EC). It officialized definitively, the also fictitious one, 25 of December as Christmas day of the Christ (relegating definitively to the end different the pretense dates: 06 of January, 28 of March and 19 of April, commemorated for Christian populations of different regions of the Roman Empire). Thus, legalizing, just-established Christian Age.

It elaborated and it introduced a table with dates of Christian Passover for implantation in elapsing of the years. Soon, here it is the Christian Calendar. Monge is not more here to defend itself, who could make it subtle attacks; clearly, in favor of the portion biggest, that is, the religion that proper it contributed in the construction. The Calendar is certain, Dionsio did not errou. Erra yes, who condemns demonstrating false or little knowledge in the subject, and worse, who acts with attitude propositada in the attempt of ' ' desqualificar' ' the work of monge mathematician, insisting on the false error, affirming that the Christian Age would have to start in previous date for settled it. Without commenting citations of the absurd influence for ' ' not knowledge of the zero, ' ' on the part of Greeks and Romans, pointed as cause of ' ' justification complementar' ' of the hints of ' ' erro.' ' However, the reason is not known that took Exguo not to consider ' ' crena' ' of that the birth of J Christ if it passes, according to Mateus, when Herodes (the Great one) still was alive, however, the setting of the such date of birth 4 years after its death, later, became inconvenient for the Church.