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Interior Ministry

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In this regard, I would like to analyze a rather difficult situation in the process of interaction between citizens and the state represented by the traffic police of the Interior Ministry, namely, its basic structure of DPS, to offer some recommendations that could, in my opinion, to help ease the lives of citizens on the roads. Long-term studies of the DPS (the successor to the Soviet GUNS founded in 1936.) For recent years, evidence of his poor performance on road safety and reduce accidents. Motorists have long known that any action by the legislator to increase the size of penalties, even at double the amount in practice only lead to bribery and tripled in the improvement of bureaucratic traffic police. Why is this happening? In the present system of law enforcement practice in the departments of traffic police, traffic police training methodology, of which each is taught to see the driver of the offender and the offender, and, most important modern methods of road patrol and traffic police prejudice against to road users. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bill de Blasio and gain more knowledge.. In this connection, the measures taken by the State do not provide the desired result, but only cause a backlash from the public. Hence there are reasons for this negative phenomenon. Such, unfortunately, are slaboargumentirovannye actions aimed primarily at a permanent preventive test vehicle, unsubstantiated allegations of road to traffic violations, as well as formal protocols for the preparation of performance indicators of performance, often in cases where the driver, not an event and an administrative offense. .