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Control Panel

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Modular lighting concept for consistent illumination at the workplace of Rottweil, 06 may 2013. You may wish to learn more. If so, Danny Meyer is the place to go. The company ASSTEC, based in Rottweil has developed an innovative lighting concept for constant light on testing and Assembly work stations. The modular system consists of one or more LED work lights, a light and presence sensor, a control panel and the control. The individual components are connected to cable after attachment to the workplace. On the Control Panel, the required light intensity of the operator is entered or selected (set value in Lux). Light sensor picks up the existent fact on the table top light intensity (actual value in Lux). Control dimmable (n) now regulates LED-Arbeitsplatzleuchte(n) Accordingly, so that the desired value corresponds to the actual value.

This completely offset the fluctuating light of minorities accumulated over the day, and workplace, the same intensity prevails throughout the day. After a period as to defining no movement at work place, is about the integrated presence detector the workplace lighting completely off. This presence function will also turn off via the control panel. In addition to the main workplace (master work) up to 15 following workplace (slave work) can be E.g. at assembly lines also controlled. Achieve reproducible light conditions with the constant light and bear the economic and ecological (energy efficiency) requirements into account.

The Universal Language Of The Cosmos

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Researchers no longer rule out that already there is a galactic Internet the big bang has produced not only the known universe with its star systems, but also a downright ingenious communication principle. This follows the laws of quantum physics and provides a permanent exchange of information. It sounds esoteric, but is the ultimate of modern physics. After a physicist team from Geneva under the direction of Professor Nicolas Gisin could provide experimental evidence in August of last year that the two together for entangled particles exchange of information simultaneously, so take place with infinitely high speed hit the news in the world like a bomb. “Already called entanglement principle of Albert Einstein spooky action at a distance stating, that the States of two particles at a great distance can be identical from one another, as if they were permanently in connection. The a particle changes state, do so immediately in the other.

Now be first consequences from this considered fundamental discovery. The physicist Professor Efstratios Manousakis from Florida State University in Tallahassee is convinced that quantum physics is the universal language of the universe. The scientists thought, that since the big bang, large areas of the universe are clasped together and a constant exchange of information takes place. In his opinion, every individual is a part of a great whole, as also the complex processes of consciousness are subject to the rules of quantum physics. This worldview that we find ourselves in a participatory universe and are active participants in a literally universal dialogue. There is a cosmic Internet? Jack Sarfatti goes a step further the American physicist.

For the scientist, who was born in 1939 in New York, who has made a name for himself as the author of popular works on quantum physics and consciousness, the quantum entanglement is an indication that mind and soul can survive the body. Sarfatti is convinced that the paradigm, the Natural sciences and Humanities separates, will collapse in the near future. Nothing happens in human consciousness without anything responded in the universe. With every thought, every action we describe not only our own small hard disk, but save something in the quantum universe, which survived our earthly life”is his credo. The American astrophysicist Professor Timothy Ferris of the University of California, Berkeley in turn suspected that there could be highly developed civilizations in the universe, regardless of time and space using the quantum entanglement as a communication channel. I consider it even conceivable, that has existed for a gigantic Galaxy Internet”, says Ferris. Task of science is now exploring the mechanisms of transmission of this information to tap into this one day.

Public Credit

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The government may not create, with its Treasury obligations, which exceed the total amount allocated for the respective service in the initial appropriations bill. Delete or merge entities or national administrative bodies in accordance with the law. Changing the structure of the Ministries, administrative departments and other entities or national administrative bodies, subject to general principles and rules defined by the law. Distribute business according to its nature, between ministries, administrative departments and public establishments. By the same author: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Granting permission to the national public employees, upon request, to accept a temporary basis, fees or grants from foreign governments. Confer degrees to members of the security forces and subject to Senate approval that apply in accordance with Article 173. Ensure strict collection and administration of public funds and revenues and order their investment in accordance with the law.

Inspect and monitoring of education according to law. Inspect and monitor the provision of public services. To enter into contracts that apply to you subject to the Constitution and the law. Exercise, in compliance with the law, inspection, monitoring and control over the persons involved in financial activities, securities, insurance, and any other related to the management, use or investment of resources collected from the public. Also, on the entities cooperatives and commercial companies. Organizing the Public Credit, to recognize and fix the national debt service; modify tariffs, rates and other provisions relating to the customs regime, regulate foreign trade, and exercise intervention in financial activities, securities, insurance and other related management, and investment of resources from the savings of third parties in accordance with the law.