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Public Credit

Friday, September 8th, 2017

The government may not create, with its Treasury obligations, which exceed the total amount allocated for the respective service in the initial appropriations bill. Delete or merge entities or national administrative bodies in accordance with the law. Changing the structure of the Ministries, administrative departments and other entities or national administrative bodies, subject to general principles and rules defined by the law. Distribute business according to its nature, between ministries, administrative departments and public establishments. By the same author: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Granting permission to the national public employees, upon request, to accept a temporary basis, fees or grants from foreign governments. Confer degrees to members of the security forces and subject to Senate approval that apply in accordance with Article 173. Ensure strict collection and administration of public funds and revenues and order their investment in accordance with the law.

Inspect and monitoring of education according to law. Inspect and monitor the provision of public services. To enter into contracts that apply to you subject to the Constitution and the law. Exercise, in compliance with the law, inspection, monitoring and control over the persons involved in financial activities, securities, insurance, and any other related to the management, use or investment of resources collected from the public. Also, on the entities cooperatives and commercial companies. Organizing the Public Credit, to recognize and fix the national debt service; modify tariffs, rates and other provisions relating to the customs regime, regulate foreign trade, and exercise intervention in financial activities, securities, insurance and other related management, and investment of resources from the savings of third parties in accordance with the law.