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A well-known or beloved have depression is also a cause of depression, see him wallowing in his loneliness and sadness can cause a lot of damage between the two. This happens by fear and lack of understanding of the needs of the depressed person. Know the causes of depression can avoid happens to us to us or to our loved ones. Many times we can feel that comes a depression on top, is at that point where we must take action to prevent it. What are the causes of a depression? Many experts are in agreement that the depression can be hereditary, if a family has any depression in your family tree, there is good chance that another generation also has it. More information is housed here: NYC Mayor. People who have no confidence in herself and has low morale are prone to depression. They do not find positive parts in their lives and why they may drop. People who are exposed to daily stress may also be good candidates.

Medical science has recently discovered that depression is very associated with the physical well-being of a person, if someone has had an accident or serious illness could easily suffer a depression. A lost staff could also mean a depression. A breakup, death, being fired from a job, all those reasons can assume that the person is depressed. Research has shown that women are much more likely to fall into depression as men, these are caused by hormonal changes, also experienced the stress of single mother, working mother, their responsibilities at home and at the Office make them more likely. What are the symptoms of depression? Women and men show different symptoms in depressions.

Men tend to be more irritable and active, but sometimes that makes it difficult to diagnose if you have depression. They are also more likely to be alone.