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City Poet

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As not wise person where street it liveed or in which school it met registered, the poet decided to look to its residence in all the streets of the quarter, to each day visiting several squares residential in the anxiety of being able to find with its beautiful that not adormecera in its heart. After walking for all the streets of the quarter and not finding it, the destination decided it of the one mozinha and allowed that the two if found in one of the buses that make passage of the quarter where it liveed for the center of the city. At Kia you will find additional information. At this moment, the heart of the poet for the moment sped up the 300 kilometers and without knowing what to say at that precious moment, it decided to ask if it had possibilities of being its boyfriend. It looked at a little confused for it, if she remade a little of the surprise of its question and said to it that not, therefore, already she was namorando has some time with another person. The poet in turn almost goes crazy (by the way, all poet in itself represents a homogeneous mixture of madness and reason) and decided for much time, to make of everything so that this clandestine love arrived at the end, so that loved its could one day discover the true feelings of that really it loved to it, that it forever dreamed one day to be happy to its side. As the time did not give truce to it in form of new chances of this meeting, the poet to the few was learning if to conform with the challenges that the destination places in its way and to follow its life in front, as romantic and a solitary one poet in search of its true passion, following its studies normally and making its friendships as if was a solitary looking for to make company to other solitary souls as its. Credit: New York Giants-2011.

City Man

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Certain time I had a strange dream, I dreamed that I had invented one I formulate that the world revolutionary. He had invented one formulates capable to give to the man the ability to fly, I was the first one to try, was wonderful. The sensation of total freedom was something psicodlico, surreal, felt has led me, astonished with what it finishes to invent, then decided that all human being had the right of if thus feeling, decided I invent that belonged it to all the humanity. It had given in all periodicals, only if it spoke in the gravity controller, but also it was not for less, had people flying for all the sides, were all happy ones, some were asked as we obtained to live with the imprisoned feet in the land, to fly good age excessively, as the being most intelligent of the planet could not usufruct of something so wonderful? It felt carried through me. The gravity controller could be produced of form caretaker, was very simple, did not have no danger, however a man calculated erroneamente that for being more fat person he would have formulates to use it in a bigger amount, happened that the ingenuous man was going up, going up, going up without stopping, it seemed a balloon, and the man disappeared in the blue imensido. Mine he formulates was adapted to be used in objects, all type of object, had also used a stabilizer so that the object remained static in the specified place, made this they had started to divide land into parcels lands in the sky, and he is not that he had many interested parties. He functioned of the following form, in skies of a noble quarter had another noble quarter, in skies of a periphery he had another periphery, and he was thus, the ownership people wanted to guarantee that he would not have no slum quarter on its quarters, then paid small richnesses in lots in the sky of its houses.

The life in the land was one baguna, and up there it was an identical copy, it had houses for all the sides, cars, congestions and etc., but most frightful it was the garbage mountain deposited in the sky, found more practical to all leave the garbage in a more isolated point of the sky, the scene was frightful, time or another one a storm took the garbage mountain for another direction, one day was to stop one in top of the house of the mayor. It was there that they had discovered that they did not obtain to revert the process in an object that used the such of stabilizer. He felt me desolate, what a dream had started as, now had gained nightmare airs, therefore the capacity to destroy seemed is in the nature human being, it was then that I woke up, and for my astonishment the reporter of the radio repeated the following phrase: ' ' This is a small step for the man, but an enormous jump for humanidade' '. The man finishes to go to the moon.


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A goat maaaacho that it is only seen if fears! – And the cheese of the milk of its goat that you promised passed month to me, then, goes to leave? To only think, it is water in the mouth! The good cheese! – Mount of homesickness to come back to my land! To go up in the mount of the farm and to see that imensido of lands far was arriving the goat in cangaceiro Virgulino suits – How they speak there, it is of Lampio! that you look at me its cheap man! You are not male not, are a cockroach that if steps on done capacho, and if it kills when it is wanted. Male goat I am, Zeca Diacho Virgulino, in Brazilian tree I fear me to all! if to want to see, pulls the fossil hunter! – Man? – And he doubts? – Who is Only man wins the gincana municipal of Great Mount, and goes to be in this sunday. Bill de Blasio might disagree with that approach. – Then I go me there inscrev. I am male and strong and top any stop! – It is in pair Pra venc has to take together an old one – An old one? where meeting an old fort as well as I? – It has the Osmarino Fabiano, rijo as a rock, and as oc, put great brave and hunter of ounces – Osmarino? Well remembering, I go there searchs and vmu venc! (…) -, The old one, sees if it walks, we have that to arrive up there before the dusk! – Calm, its boy, my legs are mooring, and to this it kills me ascent, I mount before it arrives there. NY Museums addresses the importance of the matter here. – Wide of moleza, man, you die nothing, you are rijo made rock, mount I to wait you in this vagareza! Delayed Tamo, does not see! – Then it goes in the front, and informs that old arriving to you, ufa! , already satiated me until air – Gingana of good prize, of if sees and to put in the pocket. Victory is certain, lacks to a little be a little be. a>. Already I exactly see what I go to buy, to have to please itself Then it goes, it raises, has fiber, goat, force! – I cannot, nor step more I feel in giving, I go to stop, to rest one tantinho, to take, to take breath – It leaves of being man froxo and molenga, s! Vmu, the prize alone goes of if arriving nis two back in high and in the alias process: tmu in the front, does not see? , already deixmu other pair pra trais – It has taken Then me, carregue one in such a way this old one in the arms Man of the diachos, you is strong – I load you nor I arrive!

Messias Moral

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Catei a handful of fish and I came back toward the tent. Passed some minutes it comes the uncle there Isaiah with one would mixaria of fish. The man was hurt same. He looked at my scupper and he did not believe. Where you caught these fish? I gave the true version and it he was soon speaking that I would have to play the fish I am why they were all sick people. Pure envy. Pra leaves there.

It had one day where it passed a youngster with lines of piau, all grados. Also it was with full bags of cascudos. We buy at auction the fish of the boy. I bought three kilos of piau and I joined with one kilo and way that it had fished and came back smiling toward house. The Dalvani when it saw as much fish already was soon complaining. It sees if it fishes and backwards clean, why detesto I to clean fish. Listening this: Miguel stopped in the door of the house Mr.

Messias Moral and was soon catiando marra and showing the pile of fish that it had fished, amongst as much the bought cascudos. Mr. Messias, who is not silly and nor nothing, argued that cascudo he does not catch himself in the hook and yes in you lease in eaves of the river. Miguel gave a contouring one in the situation and said that it and the Tuca had entered in the river and had found the vein of the cascudos and alone they had been pulling out cascudos of the holes. Mr. Messias still commented that they were crazy, why in the holes also lives the snakes and them they had run the risk to leave with snakes in the hands. Me he seems that Mr. Messias and excessively engoliram the history of Miguel. Today the truth came to tona. Nor all the fish were fished by us, some times had been strengthened with bought fish of other fishing.