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Emotional Manipulation

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This is easy to see in asylums, orphanages and includes the families in which there is little attention to any of its members, even by the physical or emotional absence of one of the parents or children. 2. Psychological harassment. It is the form of violence that is exercised with a strategy, a methodology and a goal to achieve the moral destruction of the victim. Psychologically harass a person is pursuing it with criticism, threats, insults, slander and actions that put a fence to the activity of that person, undermining their self-esteem and introducing malaise, concern, anxiety, extreme uncertainty, doubt and guilt in his mind. In these cases there is an emotional element that drives the behavior of dependence in which the harasser depends emotionally on his victim, to the point of making life impossible. Harass thus deprives the victim of their privacy, tranquility and the time required for carry out their activities, since the stalker cuts the constantly with their inconvenient and burdensome demands. If the victim refuses to undergo this form of harassment, sometimes complains the executioner, he cries, despairs, implores, threatens to withdraw affection or to commit silly and adds the emotional blackmail to the strategy of harassment.

3. Mental manipulation. It is the form of violence that the value of the victim as a human being with regard to their freedom and autonomy, the right to make own decisions about their lives and their values unknown. The mental manipulation can understand the emotional blackmail. The tactics included threats and criticism that generate fear, guilt or shame, aimed at mobilizing the victim in the direction that you want to the manipulator.

Other forms of psychological violence are so subtle and elaborate that they conceal and hide among the fibers of the social fabric. A form of aggression of this type is which many aggressors exert disguising protection, good intentions and attentions, as which he exercised the overprotective about their protected people. conclusions in short, psychological laviolencia should be avoided, is a form of abuse. Unlike physical abuse, this is subtle and harder to perceive or detect. It manifests itself through hurtful words, disqualifications, humiliation, shouts and insults.If you depreciated, is ignored and frightens a person through attitudes or words, we are talking about abuse or violence Psicologicay there is this type of violence in passively when the individual, since childhood, does not receive love and protection necessary for their age by their parents or tutores.Como consequences of this type of abuse and any other looks diminished self-esteem of the person and affects the emotional development. These mistreatments, in the majority of cases, lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol, including crime.