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Ubat Agreement

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With the purpose of to fortify the Regional Centers of Education Superior (Ceres) and to offer an ample range of studies in these educative centers, an agreement of cooperation between the Department of Cundinamarca, the University was subscribed this week Minute of God and Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) of the State University of New York. With this agreement, the involved ones look for to promote the development and international understanding through educative, professional and intercultural, that they will advance between civil servants, educational programs and students of the Centers. Between the actions that contemplates the agreement appears to promote the cultural and academic interchange, accomplishment of programs of training and formation for educational, as well as the development of joint academic Programs, in areas of mutual interest. The agreement also has between its objectives the development of integration programs, joint, transference and homologation, so that the students who participate in predegree programs (TC3), through transference of credits, can continue with their studies in the Ceres-Uniminuto de Cundinamarca and the students of the Ceres-Uniminuto can continue their studies in TC3. Click best bars in new york for additional related pages. Also he has contemplated the accomplishment of seminaries, conferences, factories and other joint activities. To it they will add the design, implementation and development of education strategies such as the remote or virtual education.

Within the framework in this agreement the people in charge will study the possibility of structuring programs of English like second language in the Department, also realised the proposal to structure a Center of languages for Cundinamarca. The Ceres is a strategy of the Ministry of National Education that it looks for to disperse the supply of education superior and to extend his cover, this way becomes the access more equitable and it contributes itself to the social and economic development of the communities. NYC marathon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. At the moment Cundinamarca counts on 11 Ceres distributed in Apulo, Choach, Trigger, Guaduas, the Palm, the Fertile valley, Madrid, San Juan de Ro Dry, Zipaquir, Ubat, Ricaurte, Soacha and Girardot.