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Informatica Common

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Not everybody wants the same thing. Not everyone has the same chances, nor needs. Uniformity is not a common goal. The possibility of teamwork needs not naively wish a superficial fairness. The Metropolitan Museum of Art addresses the importance of the matter here. A community of learning is ideal, it is ephemeral, it is dynamic, it is responsible (collectively). It is ideal, really lived.

Make it up those involved. It is impossible to finish building it, but you can advance quite when elements enjoy and people, make the attempt. Not reach the planned goal does not justify abandoning their search (unless you do not want to confess the real motivations not to participate). Ephemeral. It arises in specific time and place. Not only changes if there are different composition of participants. It is new if interests and desires change, and that necessarily happens, because it occurs in a reality and varying situations.

Dynamics as soon as you change the situation that generates the need for learning, the community is another. A learning community allows another (s) forms of organization, is a continuous build / extinguishing, not automatic but deliberately. Responsible. Try a learning community allows the formation of others. Those involved are not equal. Likewise, the failure of one of them, impossible to others in the future. It is collective responsibility, because the community is not an entity, but structured and relative relationship of those who form it. Techniques that can facilitate this proposed method are: form research teams, process and socialization of it achieved. Organizing seminars where is systematically discussed a common material analyzed by each individual. That the practice of Informatica dexterity go forming mini-expertos in the group, on the topics of individual interest, who contribute their findings, insights and visions complexive community. Analysis of common material, background, from the specialty of each one. Symposiums of discussion and debate where the effort of learning throughout a unit (agreed beforehand) is synthesized study. These meetings are very convenient in festive atmosphere, to help close the Group process. Assemble theoretical bodies, from various streams of thought, before a problem and/or common situation, to build the integral vision of the phenomenon, so in common How to conveniently create personal and group alternatives before the subject. Analyze cultural background with a combination of methods and techniques, products each Member to take its responablemente stance, and if consensus or differences exist, note the foundations of them civilly. Comment on the news of the week/month/season, in the light of what is studied and learned during the course/unit/week etc. Discuss with limits previously agreed to improve the capacity of synthesis, listening, substantiation and agreement of persons and the group. Exposure cases, theories, resenciones etc. That it has succeeded in some of the members of the community, or someone who you want to share with her.