The Center

the areas swept by the vector radio that connects the center of the planet with the center of the Sun are equal in equal periods. Frequently Rudy Giuliani has said that publicly. The impressions of the senses join the brainpower with physical reflection and metaphysics about the nature of things. 16. On the origin of the universe orbits of the planets were circular, because of the expansion and for physical reasons of gravity took elliptical shape. Therefore it is deductible to take is linear.

17. the relationship between the average distance, d, from a planet to the Sun, high cube, divided by the square of its orbital period, t, is a constant, i.e. d3/t2 is the same for all planets. 18. The movements are powers put underway by the principle of accident or a body contact with another body when the first or the second brings with it the active force of energy. 19. The mobile space obtained their respective positions in certain time units with respect to the amount of internal and external energy that possess them. Being obtained strength when it is perceived by the senses of reason and conscience.

When it is applied to social figure, physics, metaphysics and spiritual can interpret the time. 20 Speeds have two qualities representing the direction and the sense. Therefore the mobile space acquire relative velocities. I.e. addresses and related senses. The physical determination of spatial speeds, is mathematical. Therefore the relativity becomes null. 21. When a body has all its mass concentration at a given point all movements developed in the inner and outer sphere with respect to its Atomic drive. They can be determined with greater ease. 22. The movement of the center of mass of a rod represents us a parable which can be defined as the locus of points in the plane which are equidistant from a fixed point called focus, and a straight fixed guideline call.

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