A time more rain becomes intense After to open the door, Totonho looked at for the high one, and more it did not see the green of its plantation of sorja. Now only one saw great ditches opened for the water of rain, in amount rugas in the face of an elderly. One turned toward the wife and the children, and felt a squeeze in the heart. The meeting of oxen, with yoke and ajoujo, would be delivers to Seting, owner of the Good Price, to greet part of its debt. For more information see NYC Mayor. With this idea it already if had accustomed.

Now, to deliver its small piece of soil to the bank, and to leave the wife and the children without land, and ceiling, were painful excessively. However it did not have another solution: the skill was to deliver its land to the bank, and to follow the example of its Juca brother; to become member of (MST). The notice that arrived of the nesting, where were juca, was not of the best ones. The order coming of the leader of the seated ones was not to acquire good. Therefore thus they continued receiving mounts of money coast for it of the farmings. However its brother dared to oppose the order of the leader of the seated ones, and acquired some ownerships, and passed to be pursued by excessively seated. The eyes of Totonho had been fulled of tears. Therefore certainly soon, then it would be coexisting this type of people