The Jungle

" And this is the moment and time, and no other, because the "jungle irrational" dying does not have a second chance. A free man in the chain of selfishness is definitely a superior man. And will be even better quality if there is a high moral profile. And that is, to raise the quality of men to build a superior civilization. Is there a difference between "rational animals" and "men like God" or "sons of God"?: Yeah, and qualitatively, his concept of himself is completely opposite, as can be seen: YO MAN: SON OF GOD – My origin is divine – I'm very important for a child of God – I'm like God "My mind and my ability to love are unlimited. – My mind is predominant to my instincts and my senses – I is good for divine heritage, and I'm not selfish – My destiny is to love our neighbor to get to heaven – My existence is eternal YO MAN: ANIMAL SOUND – My animal origin – I as important as an animal – I am like an animal – My mind is limited to reason and do not need love. – My instincts and my senses dominate my mind – I am neither good nor bad, and my natural shape is selfishness – My destination is the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle. – My life is perishable As shown, men who are considered children of God, already have a concept of himself better mime willingness to change man's superior quality, which is what it takes to master the selfishness.