The Office


Vacation cabins are built of better material, are more attractive and are more expensive. From the outside it faced with higher-quality lining (no knots). Inside, as a rule, summer cabins, also finished with clapboard. If you do not expose the wood shed too fast moving, then life will be approximately 15 years. Therefore, to give, if you do not want to do capital projects, it will be the best option. Building a wooden office container cheaper option, as the name implies it is intended for different purposes at construction sites, so its construction emphasis on functionality rather than appearance. Interior finish is usually more simple and usually made of hardboard.

Although there may be any options for interior decoration. You can also install bunk beds, to hold the wiring, but it's shed respectively. Now let's talk about metal office container (still referred to as block-containers). It is worth mentioning that the sizes of both wood and metal huts always strictly limited, as transport them by road or rail. This is the main drawback of mobile buildings.

The use of block-containers solved the problem. As I said earlier, the base metal block container made of metal – U and corner that allows you to set them against each other in height to 3 storeys. In addition, several block-containers, you can quickly create a room of any area, if you remove the interior partitions. Thus, from block-containers can be constructed so-called modular building. Scope of metal huts (Block-containers) are even more extensive than that of wood. Basically they are used for accommodation, meals, recreation workers and other service personnel on construction sites. There are also block-containers of special destination. They are used, for example, to install a diesel generator (power plant) or communications equipment. Such block-containers are made to order, and their layout are strictly negotiated with the customer. The walls of metal cabins edged siding, preventing rodents from entering inside. Floor and roof are welded sheet metal. Used for thermal insulation of mineral wool (eg, URSA). For protection from the weather, the roof and ceiling are insulated with polyethylene or asphalt. If you intend to use the shed in the far north, it makes sense to further insulate it, although the standard metal office container stands a good temperatures up to -35. Interior finish is usually four options: canvas, wood wall paneling, pvc (plastic) and mdf. (Source: Rudy Giuliani). The cheapest option – a finish hardboard. This option is appropriate if the office container used in as a warehouse or utility room. Finishing wood paneling, a variant of the more expensive but more versatile. If the cabins are used for permanent residence, it makes sense to finish pvc. And finally, if based on block-container built office space, then the best option would finish mdf. This option is the most expensive, but it has the most representative species.