The Result

Similar to reader contributions are in the field should Find updates”, which have their create date already far behind. The news section should be therefore posts with future events, such as fairs or own presentations, reports or articles which are not older than one month. Then, texts – lack of relevance – should not be deleted from your site. Wendy’s often says this. Because after all the texts contain terms under which you will be searched by your customers. Therefore these texts in an archive section should be kept still available on the website. Then, they are still visible for search engines. Interaction revives a site that offers information only passively, is boring.

Interactivity revives the page and the user. This can be achieved E.g. by comment, user forums or valuation functions (Tweet this”or like me button” by facebook). Entrepreneurs can offer such as price lists or brochures in well designed PDF documents to download. Additional benefits – has what the readers? Closely connected with the interactivity is the question of the added value which the site offers the visitor. To be only present”not sufficient to bind customers over the long term and to inspire the next visit of the company Web site. Website operators should create incentives to come back! Memory anchor – example fine calculator a lawyer specializing in transport law provides on its website a fine calculator online. “The visitors there after he’s been flashed his perceived speed, can” with cars, 28 km/h, for example in town too quickly “enter and learns the result after a mouse click: 100,-EUR fine plus fees and 3 points – and know that it was a more expensive trip. This function on the website of the lawyer can represent a kind of memory anchor for speeders and maybe he will save this site as a favorite. He has a car accident, later the site of advocate coming then back to him and he finds that the lawyer is also accident regulations, the lawyer may have about the vehicle the interactive fine host obtained a mandate.