The Soul


The gossip of so many people make a great show among those who move and those who remain, those who suffer and those who urge a little more time. Everything is new to me, amazes me see what this place is huge, its pillars, which support this coliseum contain figures carved by hand craftsmanship as showing a story from start to finish, from the figures that tell stories of battles illustratively , death and destruction, I see how far some people who enter a sort of basement. For assistance, try visiting Danny Meyer. In a place where everything is stone yque my question is will it be? 1.2 THE PLACE TO PLAY THE SOUL There was a place in the same arena that caught my attention, not many people but just enough to draw attention to someone like me, then I was getting closer to that place were some stone stairs headed a kind of a subway beneath the Coliseum like a basement, inside could be heard a lot of laughter and noise, so I decided to go downstairs to find out what happened, check the stone staircase is spiral shaped, down as I realized that the walls on both sides were decorated with inlays of human skeletons on the stone. When you reach the bottom get to see a huge room lit by torches also around the center was a stone on the highlighted rectangle on the floor, around this same rectangle issued fire on him were two individuals who were fighting, the crowd around them by shouting fuss, I go further so that they can see them more attention.