Where With The Lover, The Lover, The Affair? In A Room Of Fling?

They are called the portal for private love hotels, hours or even fling rooms with the red heart key since 2008. In Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Hanover and other cities. Love hotels hour room, fling – that with the Red HerzschlusselNein, just somewhere hiding does not want one. But a hotel is too expensive, and the car is too uncomfortable and the bushes too scratchy. Therefore, couples in NRW, Berlin, Stuttgart and Hannover also like to choose a so-called fling room. These pairs are fortunate that there are already one or more of these in their town.

But the term Cubbyhole deters many couples and if you tried Google and the Wikipedia article itself leads to heart, the concerns are borne out. “Love hotels are but a synonym for red-light milieu, prostitution and crime links.” But who to believe this article in its entirety, which is wrong. Private hour room there at the latest since 2008 in Germany. The Switzerland was a pioneer and is so to speak invented. On Seitensprungzimmer.ch, the first room for Saeed hour was founded, until the wave came to Germany. And red light, prostitution and environment? Who has already visited the luxury – apartment Cupido7 in the greater Stuttgart area, has made long a better educate themselves. This apartment lacks nothing. No matter whether an espresso maker, Jacuzzi, champagne, fruits and of course a nice playground to sweeten the stay in this deluxe room.

The advantage: Who would like to enjoy a luxury time for only a few hours, is right with this apartment. Learn more at: NY Starbucks. A hotel suite would cost five times. Cupido7 is just one example of some, but it is surely one of the most outstanding and far beyond the borders of Stuttgart and Baden-Wurttemberg across known. She is committed therefore with the red heart key, the portal for fling room since 2008, 2012 to the task, to locate only room not linked to escort services, brothels or other carriers in connection and really only at private couples rent. Approximately 10 new hours rooms were added in the last two months. Each one of them from Berlin and one from Erfurt, Germany. And there is no end in sight. Conditions: An entry for rooms for rent in different categories is (free – for a fee) for Zimmersuchende the platform is book completely free and anonymous: no login, no annoying registration contact: info(at)stundenhotel-stundenzimmer.com Sabine Freiberger