Bad Tolz – City With Long History And Flair

Bad Tolz – city with long history and flair which is District bad Tolz resort also known far beyond the borders of the country, which is located in Bavaria, Germany. Last but not least is the place also by the German TV series, der Bulle von Tolz”Ottfried Fischer has become very famous. Bad Tolz is located directly at the river ISAR and around 50 kilometres from Munich a Mecca for those seeking rest and relaxation. Bad Tolz is composed of the parts of the city: Kirchbichl, Ellbach and Flint height together and became for the first time in the year 1155 documentary Tolnze mentioned. The first settlement dates back to a Roman settlement.

In the 9th century, it was the Bavarii, who had settled, until the village then passed to Hungary. The first castle was built by Henry of Tollenz around 1180. Bad Tolz and the surrounding area were already always very densely forested. This was the basis for the industry of the timber rafting here very extensively carried out. More than 24 masters and many journeymen in bad Tolz already existed in the middle ages. In the second world war was bad Tolz in strong clashed with the advancing U.S.

armed forces involved. After the war, it was quiet in bad Tolz and the place gradually evolved into a spa resort. In 1969 he was recognized in addition to an iodine bath as a climatic Spa. In 2006 it was the recognition as Moorheilbad. A more superlatives in the village is the Alpamare, the first European Spa, opened in 1972 in bad Tolz. There is an indoor surfing facility in addition to a landscape of slides and a wave pool.