Call Center

After all the greetings and all the case venias (as if that would serve to generate a better perception of the service), makes me the key question: what can I help you?. Well, expose you my case and tell him directly that I wish to cancel the contract. Proceeds to ask me, name and number of the telephone line. Did for request me it the IVR before?. Well, all the data I give unto the Lord, who tells me that lack a month for maturity, that will give me two numbers for filing my application so that, once contract expires, fill another request for the cancellation of the service.

I figured that those numbers (two of filing, one for internet service and another for telephone line) would be the identification of my case when he returned to contact them in a month. The agent finally bids farewell with another Parliament so bland that I don’t understand which is the goal of this. It says something like; Lord XX, thank you for using the services of company Z, remember that I speak with YY and having a happy day .there .dicen more things, but it is what I remember. March 9, 2009: my electronic calendar tells me that I should do the diligence of cancel the service of company Z (which does not use 4 months ago) and proceed to devote a few minutes to do this. I figured that as had already filed my application, it would be question of giving these numbers and everything would be closed. Someone who has already gone through this process and read this should be saying this if it is very unrealistic., in Colombia usuariamos a slightly more colloquial expression but good, come to call the Call Center. Since the last time that call the agent told me that; When call to cancel, press option 8, then option 6.