Clutch Changing Homemade

Keeping a car is expensive, this especially the workshop visits in the fall. Why create so not yourself hand? The clutch is a part of normal wear. Depending on the driving style and mileage run, she also sooner or later worn and must be replaced. With a little skill and practice can change each independently perform. In the video, the professional shows how it’s done. First, it removes the clutch automatic. Behind it sits the clutch disk. Overall, the clutch machine with new clutch disc is grown.

The screws are taken from the clutch automatic. The surface is sanded down and the rivets are almost exactly flush, a replacement is highly recommended. The pressure plate is first cleaned so that all records of the loop are polished. Advance, the new clutch disc with an adjusting pin can be attached and aligned. The automatic clutch and the clutch disk are now ready to insert. To conclude, all screws are tighten evenly so that is obstructing the clutch disc in the machine. Background information Manufactures between engine and transmission the clutch, a machine element, a removable mechanical, hydraulic or electrical connection. You will connect between the rotating parts, in contrast to the brake for example.

It is necessary to go on and switching a vehicle. Nowadays are used in cars and most trucks, couplings, or single-disc dry disconnect couplings. These include the switchable clutches, which are third-party switched and restraint. During operation, this friction clutches are switchable. That is, to transfer forces from one plate to another, using the friction between the two plates. To secure a high wear resistance and high temperature strength due to the emergence of heat, materials used brake pad similar to. Modern single-disc dry couplings meet the requirements of an overload protection system such as blockages in the drive or sudden engagement. The video “clutch change” under there screwdriver tips… to see.