Cultural April Truth


‘ ‘ Through this crossing of information the distortion of the truth made for the devil is percebvel that Joo informs that all that one that uses of the lie he is son of the devil: ‘ ‘ It are of the devil, that is your father, and want to satisfy – it the desires. It was homicide since the principle and he never firmed himself in the truth, because in it he does not have truth. When it pronounces lie, speaks of what it he is proper, because is lying, and father of mentira’ ‘ (BIBLE, 2000, Joo 8:44). As the Bible brings the necessary principles so that the children of God reach the perpetual life, we could not leave to display the result of the lie, that is the exclusion of the life to the side of God: ‘ ‘ It are will be the dogs, the wizards, impure, the assassins, idlatras, and all what he loves and he practises mentira.’ ‘ (BIBLE, Apocalypse 22:15). Finally, the Bible says that if it says only the truth without florear the reality, that is, ‘ ‘ Either, however your word: Yes, yes, Not, not. Oque of this to pass comes of maligno.’ ‘ (BIBLE, 2000.

Mateus 5:37). As we saw, science and the religion are in agreement on the fact of the lie to be an opposition to the truth, both understand that the lie is an act to counterfeit the truth, with the objective to reach an objective that the liar favors and, that intentional or he cannot cause moral and physical damages for itself and the others. The lie in all its conditions and situations is repudivel.