Hugo Of Leon One

Soon I touch to them to it formulates Red Bordaberry Of Leon and it is in this that I will pause to express my indignation, when Bordaberry, after Hugo Of Leon revoleo Alive the red flag shouting the Red Party like once towards with the t-shirt of national and with pride contagion to all the country more in one go, so that with that t-shirt I represent to us in glass America and Intercontinentales, being of the shield sport that we were, Pedro, knowing that then almost to all the it observed them country by TV as if was in chain of radio and television, it said that he knew to whom to vote in second return and without doubting it with smiling face I appoint Luis Alberto Lacalle, for being as he understands most apt To preside over the Country I ask myself: If Pedro Bordaberry knew beforehand that he would not be elect President, because nonretirement its candidacy and support directly to his Leader, Luis Alberto Lacalle avoiding to the Uruguayan unnecessary expenses, as is the case of the compatriots who travel very far from being able to vote and which they see once again clipped his possibilities no to find the majority with IF of the vote to epistolar, or the one of the Uruguayan that we lived in this country that as sees by convenience of leaders demagogues they want voting by ballot generating an avoidable cost yes would realize that the sum of the votes of the second and third and of fourth the together ones they would not even give to defeat to the majority. THANKS TO the SKY that a Bordaberry is nor will be never again President of the Uruguayan, since he would be able to give again and without consulting with his followers to the MILITARY with the consequences that or all we know. If 47,5% of the Uruguayan would be fans of National and its equipment would be on the verge of happening to quarters of end of intercontinental and the result of a party disputed by Pearol, already classified, and the equipment that could make that National did not arrive, which would be its feeling then, it would swell by pearol or it would hope that this it played with dignity? And if the technical director of pearol said in press conference, that would put all substitutes to face that quipo X and still more, it would say that he is better to him to lose that encounter so that his traditional rival did not arrive at the final instances with his own chance as she would feel half of the country? Honest the serious thing to leave the best one wins. Uruguay does not need another party, ROSADITOS, needs that the honesty and the decency of the Uruguayan prevail, needs honorable people who work with pride and honesty. For that reason this Uruguayan, one more of those of 47,5% invites, you to the reflection, if you are Colorado shyly, nete to the majority of your Uruguayan brothers.