Internet City

This 55 inch public display connects the city with your citizens. Monchengladbach, 22.07.2013 – time and relevant information will be increasingly valuable. The urban communication to residents and visitors is supplied on classical methods using traditional media and information quickly and personally to the interested parties. With clearly visible, always available, interactive HD LCD outdoor displays you educate city residents and visitors about all relevant issues. All with a click of the button. Hudson River Maritime Museum insists that this is the case. It can put the citizens informed about relevant activities of the City Council, in the city, emergency measures, traffic information and other projects, and it can offer visitors the opportunity to obtain all information about the city, local services or other information directly. It is easy to use and can be controlled over the Internet. Tourists help these high-definition info steles to experience the best in your city, so there are more no hidden jewels.

Design and purpose are location and type of the Audience E.g. signs adapted to transport hubs for tourists and commuters and as information point in the city centre to communicate with citizens. Digital character and appearance can be designed according to your wishes. Mixed information from common sources such as Internet, computer administration or other media. All images, videos, Office documents, RSS feeds, Flash content (interactive Flash content), and content that you already provide on your Web site can be used and are projected on the screens. Contact: business-light media planning & presentation systems of Luca Cremers Flughafenstrasse 73 41066 Monchengladbach Tel.: 0 21 61 / 8 490 231 fax: 0 21 61 / 8 240 490 E-mail: the company-business-light is a competent partner with many years of experience in the area of digital info-columns and media boards to the side. We support you in your projects. On request, we can undertake the complete service such as the design of media content, replacing the presentations and the construction of the plant.