Soviet Union


On the other hand, capitalist power elite have long been a "degenerate" democracy, had almost no morals and spiritual principles in matters of policy and management of the company (which is only fully with the development and promotion of the Hollywood factory "film of illusion" to control American society). Based on these portraits of a representative manager each of the states, in principle, it becomes clear and the choice of tactics for the Cold War. In the Soviets – is building up military forces, the establishment of relations with foreign countries through grant aid, the weak and "Clumsy" ideological company. The Americans were active and large-scale anti-Soviet campaign, both within America and throughout the world, deliberately made to involve the USSR in an arms race to overthrow the economically "A giant with feet of clay", and most importantly after the '70s began to actively perverting the Soviet people "capitalism" and "democracy", undermining the foundation of the Soviet Union from within. So we see the cunning, duplicitous and secretive player who is willing to systematically and methodically to make war on the sly or many not few, and for 56 years. Another reason that influenced the rejection of the knowledge of his opponent, as well as changes in management policy was elimination of dissent within the country. Thereby avoiding any criticism of the elite, resulting in permanent silence of society (and the leaders in the field) on the actions of the countries created the illusion of public "consent", which is not motivated to rethink and change course. .