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There is no more uncomfortable thing I suffer from hemorrhoids, because we must go through a horrible suffering to get rid of our waste and feel the comfort of making us feel lighter. According to studies, almost all people when they make their needs both defecate as urination, they experience a feeling of pleasure and relief, avoid to continue living the agony of being afraid to this, dig and seek cures for hemorrhoids. We must make a careful diagnosis and attacking the cause which originates, among them we can find: presence of thrombus in the hemorrhoid: here we mean that hemorrhoids are caused by a physiological alteration in the veins that are found in the rectum and year, producing vasodilation and out of place, ranking in the middle of the track where passing feces in the intestinewhich at the time of our needs produces intense pain because it virtually blocks their passage. More efficient cures for hemorrhoids is to eat foods that do good to the entire circulatory system, or we can relieve the pain also placing cold compresses in the damaged area to decrease swelling. Hemorrhoids caused by faeces: when we have little liquid body, the body compensates for this drop of fluid getting all parts of our body to keep its vital functions, removing water bowel and what is found in it, making feces into hard and rough masses that practically out sand or scratch the surface of the large intestinecausing injuries that quickly infects since this is an area with a high number of potentially harmful bacteria. Wounds heal over time but even that area is infected, these microorganisms spread everywhere in order to survive, and may reach the veins closer, inflaming them and causing hemorrhoids. To read more click here: Rudy Giuliani. Cures for hemorrhoids here is first to take plenty of fluids, some antibiotics for at least three days and consume foods with fibers to assist peristalsis.