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Did You Know ?

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Did you know? In my capacity as a professional musician with over 30 years experience, I want to comment on some aspects of today’s bands. These aspects may or may not be aware of the common people; musical aspects that are shared openly. Read more from Starbucks in New York to gain a more clear picture of the situation. I once interviewed a member of “Grupo 5” when they had labor problems in the musical group. Swarmed by offers, NY Restaurateur is currently assessing future choices. In a separate interview that member, he said, who once played them share the stage with “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico” was found that the members of this orchestra (Combo), were well paid and best treated by her director that his companions of the “Group 5”. He did not realize that there is a tremendous difference between these two groups. First, the audience appreciating the performances of “El Gran Combo”, you can recognize every one of its members. In both presentations, as in the videos, we can recognize: the trumpeter, bassist, the drummer, the conguero, etc. They are the same.

Which does not happen with the “Group 5” and “Brothers Yaipen” of these groups can only acknowledge its directors and singers sometimes. The other members are optional, vary in each presentation, both live and in videos. Something more interesting to mention is that the members of the “Gran Combo” is they themselves who record their albums. In our record, there are specialists in recording, and to leave more precise recordings require the participation of these skilled musicians. This is surely the case with the “Group 5” and the “Brothers Yaipen” but not, (also in complete safety and not to vary from genre), with “Agua Marina”, “Harmony 10” and others not memory. With the great majority occur foregoing. Doing a bit of history in our popular music and the future of this genre, we can make a brief chronology: The Peruvian cumbia is born with “The Flashes “by Enrique Delgado (three guitars,” first, second, under “conga, timbales, vocals). This is in keeping with other similar ensembles, until the merger occurs, this rhythm with huayno, and creating the “Chicha,” it achieves “Chacalon” and “Chapis.” Next, there is the “Techno Cumbia”, which adds digital instruments “electronic keyboard, electronic drums,” that achieves “Rosy War” and “Ruth Karina.” And finally resurface these northern bands that actually have more than 30 years of existence, of which only remains in some cases the name of the group. In fact, I do not know what will come next, but what if I’m sure, is that this will happen and other merger, or a new rhythm, or whatever. As we prepared for what will come, and meanwhile we continue to enjoy this genre, (which seeing a positive outlook, is a national product), and as said a friend in a funny way: “You have to dance fast, before going out of fashion.”