Vitamin Tablets

In the context of the day on healthy nutrition experts of docjones, the portal to health surfing inform on an important issue for the health of the people. Berlin, March 9, 2011 as part of the day on healthy nutrition experts from DocJones, the portal for health surfing, would indicate an important problem in human health. More and more people suffer from vitamin deficiency and this even though there is an excellent food supply in Germany. An unhealthy lifestyle with a one-sided diet are to blame for this, but also stress, nicotine and alcohol consumption can lead to a strong vitamin deficiency. Also people who often make a diet, must watch very well, that the body with vitamins is undersupplied.

DocJones’s experts advise therefore, instead of access to vitamin supplements to prefer a plate of fresh fruit in the daily eating plan to include. Fresh fruit is a great vitamin dispenser and brings the body back to front man. Vitamin deficiency is not right now noticeable and usually only the doctor via blood test can determine which vitamins lack the body. Typical symptoms of vitamin deficiency can be fatigue, loss of appetite and strong irritation, but also of cracked fingernails and increased bleeding gums can be seen vitamin deficiency. You can securely place too various to fruit vitamin supplements, but you should deny this precisely in advance with your doctor. There are also multi vitamin supplements contain minerals.

Minerals are also important for the body, there are but also, affect the taking of vitamin. But also the herbal medicine with natural products, which also replace the vitamin store of the body front man can help. DocJones gives more guidance on the topic of vitamin deficiency and invites you to its platform for discussion and exchange of experiences. “About DocJones: DocJones is the first address for health surfing” on the Internet. The company was founded in January 2011 by Jonas Weiland is aimed used to combine information on all topics of health on a single platform and available to the general public. In the community, users can share experience reports, ask questions and give tips. The DocJones editorial staff complements this knowledge of important basic information about diseases and substances in drugs. In the Centre is the herbal medicine. DocJones is a Berlin based company and currently consists of a team of ten employees. Press contact: Rebecca Randak Mashup communications + 49.30.8321197.5