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Advertising Opportunities

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You can even order a combination of advertising inside and outside to increase the chances of viewing. Lately it has become fashionable to "wrap" bus advertising – you buy all advertising area of the vehicle and use it on your own. Agree that it is impossible not to notice a giant moving advertisement, especially if it is originally made. It is good that works the same principle as in the outdoor advertising – the message should be brief and bright to attract attention and give the opportunity to read and understand it. Visit Bill de Blasio for more clarity on the issue. If your competitors are in town this idea has not yet realized, is not afraid to be first to "wrap" the entire bus.

Such a "package" – an expensive proposal, because, as a rule, is required to sign an agreement on rent for at least a year, but if your campaign budget can "wrap" a few buses, then success is guaranteed. In addition, you can only use certain parts of the advertising space, or even share it with other advertisers. MARKETING DRIVE advertising agency provides a full range of services to deploy advertising on public transport the city of Voronezh and is ready to offer you: Advertising on the sides of buses, trolley buses and taxis in Voronezh. Advertise in the salons of public transport in Voronezh. Corporate Branding vehicles. Ads on the sides of buses, trolley buses and taxis in Voronezh. On-board advertising, as a rule, has a substantial response from the highly affluent. Due to low speed, such advertising is well remembered as motorists and pedestrians alike.

In contrast, outdoor advertising, advertising surface area of land transport more than 2-3 times, which greatly enhances the designer in creating vivid spectacular memorable layouts. 90% of urban population having access to different modes of transport, and in large cities like Voronezh to them on a daily basis adds a large number of visitors. Advertising Opportunities different means of public transport are quite wide. More opportunity to draw attention to the large number of customers, increase efficiency, improve the memorability of information by frequency visual contact with the consumer placed in transport advertising information. This type of advertising is ideal for information consumers with new brands or enhance the image of the already known brands and companies. Advertise in the salons of public transport Voronezh Placing the sticker directly over the door or the wall between the door and window, usually placed in all cars of a chosen route, which makes it precisely aimed at the inhabitants of a small area and makes it possible, without increasing the advertising budget, to achieve high performance in selected parts of the city. We offer you to use our experience in developing and implementing truly effective, vibrant and visible advertising campaigns on transport in Voronezh. MARKETING DRIVE – this is the best engine for your business.