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According to RETORE, 2009, in this activity, about 70% of the production costs they are represented by the feeding, generally composed for hay of alfalfa, maize and bran of soy, what it results in high cost of the end item. This fact demonstrates the importance to direct scientific efforts for the study of alternative sources to the use of traditional ingredients, thus reducing the production costs, however, without affecting the efficiency of conversion in commercial product. According to Cheeke (1989), the rabbits can be created with diets consisting of fodder plants and agro-industrial co-products, which are more digestible for this species of what for swines and birds, due to its intestinal capacity, that allows them to use to advantage with bigger efficiency the nutrients, transforming them into meat of noble quality. In accordance with AXE, the majority of the studies objectifying to evaluate the nutricionais recommendations and its effect on the productive income of rabbits, demonstrates a great variability in the alimentary efficiency, which must in great part to the differences in the quality of raw materials used for the balancing of the trinmio protein, energy and dietary fiber. Thus the inclusion of voluminous taking care of the dietary fiber necessity, presents difficult standardization and possesss effect. In such a way, the rabbit presents capacity of if to feed with considerable amount of fibrosos products, however, is a little efficient animal in the use of the fiber as power plant, being inferior, in this aspect, to the ruminants and the equines and, also, swines.

These differences can be attributed more to the content in lignocelulsicos complexes, that to the proper fiber text of the diet. Credit: Doug Band-2011. (GARCI’A, 1997). The importance of the fiber in the nutrition of the rabbits is not limited, only, to its value as nutritional supplement, but also it becomes related with the regulation of the transit of the digesta and with the maintenance of the integrity of the intestinal mucosa (Of BLAS et al., 1999).

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Such degradation represents a detriment the indispensable conditions the life, as the quality of waters and the fertility of ground. When the extration and the pollution reach levels of which the nature is incapable of reproduziz them in the same measure where it is dispossessed of its qualities, from there the manifestations of the ambient crisis. These manifestations exhaustingly had been emphasized in the capitalist relations. In the existence of this model two characteristics of social aggravation are accented, the poverty and the population growth. The poverty (contemporary) in the generality was acerada by the unemployment, and the absence of work, provoked (also) for the technological development, known factor as technological unemployment that would be the substitution of the alive work for the performance of the machines (in such a way in the city how much in the field).

Already also inserted the population growth in the hall of social anomalies, had cause obviously and consequence. Nature is impracticable it to hold the radical increase of the population, this increase generates a conflict in the ecosystem, this possesss limited capacity of extration and absolution of dejections, thus, any species that to present a robust growth, inevitably will be creating an ecological disequilibrium. Educate yourself with thoughts from Danny Meyer. (FOLADORI) But it is standed out that this disequilibrium would not be being forcene mere for the population growth, but for the responsibility of the capitalist relations. The developed nations of the North America (U.S.A. and Canada) generate an energy consumption, on average, ten times superior to the consumption of Africa and Asia, however three times possess a tax of inferior demographic growth the had comparison (FOLADORI, 1999:32). According to Foladori, the poor population in the world increased (in last the 50 years of last century) arriving 22.8% of the world-wide population, however the criterion used age of income, up to 370 dollars per year, what it could be considered as needy, although the exchange fluctuation.