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Beverages Containing Ethyl Alcohol

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Beverages containing ethyl alcohol is called alcohol. These include: vodka, grape wine, fruit and berry wine, beer and other beverages. Natural grape wines are due to fermentation of grape juice, and fruit and berry wine from the juice of various fruits and berries. In them, in addition to alcohol (10-16%) contained tartaric, malic, acetic, succinic acid. The so-called strong ("gain" or "fastened") wines (port, Modera, etc.) obtained from natural wines by adding to them the alcohol (20%), spirits (vodka, brandy, rum) contain 40-57% alcohol, the production of beverages to implement the various distilleries. In sweet wines (dessert) contain a lot of sugar in the so-called dry wines, it is not enough. Due to the small amount of wine esters are suitable aroma, bouquet, reflexively reinforcing actions of alcohol.

Sparkling wine (Champagne), despite a slight alcohol content (10-13%) have a clear and rapid marked effect on the central nervous system because they contain carbon dioxide dramatically increases the absorbability of alcohol and speed its content in the blood. Please be aware that long-term administration of alcoholic beverages, and can lead to addiction to them with all the consequences. Beer contains, along with a small amount of alcohol (10%) nutrients in an easily digestible and absorbable form, carbon dioxide increases their absorption, and a number of other substances (for example, bitter substances, hops), stimulates the appetite. However, large quantities of beer can do injury. Craft preparation of alcoholic beverages (the so-called home-brew or vodka) is very poisonous, as they have an admixture of fusel oil, which irritates the mucous membranes, inhibits the vital centers of the medulla oblongata (respiratory, vasomotor), causes a sharp vasodilation, headache, dizziness, vomiting, and sometimes even loss of consciousness.

Often they are the cause of fatal poisoning.

WP Security Scan

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Bloggers and webmasters can not stand nor any of their attacks by hackers. The more popular your website or blog, the more it wants to crack. Below you will learn five tips and plugins that can help prevent hacking blog. Know that it is better take care of protection in advance, than to suffer from hacker attacks. 1. Make a backup of the database using the plug WP-database backup The first important piece of advice: make a backup of your database as often as possible. You can make it more difficult way: go into phpMyAdmin on your server, and you can use a simple plugin that does it for you. All you need – is go to the admin panel and click a few links.

Plugin WP-database backup You can configure it to everyone Day sent a dump of the database on your mail. 2. Scan all files on the existence of weaknesses next step is to scan all the installed files for vulnerabilities. In this case, we will plug WP Security Scan. He finds all vulnerabilities and suggest ways of solving problems. Also, this plugin is able to rename prefixes in the names of database tables, test your password, delete the administrator account. In addition, the plugin checks all folders and their permissions. 3.

Protect your blog from the "brute force" "brute force" – a brute-force password guessing all possible options. There are special programs and scripts that can go through hundreds of thousands of different passwords within a few hours – so you need a very complex password (as many characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and other characters). In addition, it is useful to add the folder wp-admin login form to Apache. This can be easily done with a plug-in Ask Apache. Plug-in protects access to the admin folder, an additional password to the server level. In addition, this plugin can prevent "hotlinking" or direct access to the folder wp-content and wp-includes. 4. Fear of unknown Some plug-ins can contain vulnerabilities. It is therefore very important that the contents of the folder wp-content/plugins was not available to the curious eyes of hackers. The latest versions of WordPress, this folder is protected by default. In addition, very important that all plugins have been updated to the latest version, as older versions will likely not safe. 5. Hide his version of WordPress If a hacker finds your version of the blog, he can easily identify weaknesses. For show version meets the meta tag version. Nebhodimo go to the header.php file of your theme and delete the row with this tag. You can make it even easier to use and plug-in. He is able to insert fraudulent version. I hope this post you will help better protect your blog from the hands of hackers.

The Organization

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The second function is more direct. If other things remain constant, those decisions of great importance that the quality of the decision have, in turn, considerable importance, enabling more participatory processes. Based on the structure of Group (goals, objectives, corporate culture) and so that they are effective and provide value to the Organization, it is clear that business climate that encourages harassment is that of organizations, improvisadoras or informal structure which have weakness in one, some or all their levels; are already structured in group or individually. This weakness may be in hierarchical positions, roles, relationships of interdependence or objectives and targets both horizontal and vertical level. I.e., in a climate without a proper design that allows an organizational effectiveness from the participation of each of those involved. That is the first factor to mention is a low-grade organizational. One of the factors more determinants will give this type of conflicts in the organization is that the objectives and tasks defined for a particular post are not communicating the worker suffering harassment; Therefore the Factor communication is equally relevant.

Actions as deprive or diminish the resources appropriate for the performance of the work, own of Mobbing that far from achieving confidence, solidarity and support between those involved get lack of motivation, low satisfaction, interpersonal conflict and role ambiguity, well talk about a stressful work environment, given that the worker does not know what they have to do in every moment, or with what. Therefore an impact not only on the worker or group but on the external image of the Organization, (competitiveness and efficiency). More than wage policies of low wages that create motivation. So therefore in this climate we will not find the environment to develop the discrepancies on tasks and goals. In conclusion I would say that Mobbing climate favors from organizational deficits, low pay, stressful environment, lack or deficit of communication and information and the establishment of an authoritarian and autocratic leadership, mainly.