So if you have the chrome on the body (near each window and door handles), keep in mind as they at least darken. Further, if this tool does not completely wash cars – all the dirt is simply smeared on the body. With the use of noncontact chemical concentration of the solution should be such as to allow flush dirt, but it is not always good for a chrome-plated parts and moldings, and antigololednye means, spreads road service on the city roads during the winter, it is impossible "contactless" wash off completely, the remaining plaque was removed cloth during wiping, and the rims the car is yellow plaque, which can not be washed off without a special "vigorous" Chemistry! And one more thing: a concentrated way (and it represents a very caustic alkali, dangerous to the skin) can even wash the engine, so if you overdo it – beware of nail machine, and then the paint. Yes, and the whole machine gets dark. * Do you wash, where your car will put a permanent service and from time to time to change the foam from acidic to alkaline (in composition). But exactly what to do for science. * Invalid drying foam on the surface, you can not wash a hot hood. May remain indelible whitish spots.

For their removal should be lightly wipe the surface with a tissue moistened with a light polish for the body. That is, again, three, three and three. * At first, knock the dirt washes, and then applied to the foam, but must first apply to the dry auto foam and about two minutes to wash off the foam low pressure along with the dirt and then apply high pressure.