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Emotional Intelligence

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The level of estresse was the moderate one what the nurses had more frequently related to have. All the factors remembered for the interviewed ones provoke a consumption of much energy in a continuous adaptativo effort to the work. In turn, an unsatisfied professional can present a comprometimento in its abilities, the result of its work and its relations. contents report important aspects in the hospital environment that must be worked, in the measure where the nurse needs to give an assistance with quality to the patient. One gives credit, therefore, that to preserve the health, it is necessary that the employee is inserted, not only in the universe of its work, more also in the exterior world benefits that it interior, since this set is complemented so that it remains in balance and gets the satisfaction in its daily one. Bibliographical references BAUER ME. Estresse: as it shakes the defenses of the organism.

Basic Attention

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Function of the Agent of Endemic disease: The combat agent the endemic diseases of the CCZ, regularly will be established in the UBSF, and linked directly the communitarian agents of health, of 2 ESF. It will fit to this agent, to daily search next to these communitarian agents of health the relation of visited property, to proceed the elimination from the focos due and to elaborate the weekly reports to be you deliver to the supervisors of area of the CCZ, for inclusion of areas worked next to the FAD. 3.2.3? Function of the Supervisors of Area: As today they would continue with its areas of supervision, however of redistributed form of form to adjust with the distribution of the ESF. This agent would have as function specifies to search next to the combat agents the endemic diseases the weekly reports of visits. For more information see this site: New York Museums. To supervise and to correct the procedures of elimination of focos and confection of the reports on the part of these agents of endemic diseases. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Josh Harris and gain more knowledge.. To present to the general supervisors all the domiciliary reports of visits and LI+T, the agents of endemic diseases of its performance area.

3.3.4? Distribution of the areas: The cities must take in account the total of its ESF + EACS, between urban and agricultural area, and its agents of combat to the endemic diseases in conditions of effective work in the field; In if adjusting to the proposal we would have the following distribution: 1 Agent of Endemic disease for each 2 ESF; being that excessively the works of blockade, education in health, mobilizations and destruction would have to be dedicated mechanics of focos 3.2? Adaptations: For the implementation of present the proposal, the implementation of measures to adjust to the new picture will be necessary to the Control center of Zoonoses. The main one of them would be the qualification of the communitarian agents and the agents of endemic diseases for the agreement of the new considered model; This can be played by the coordination of the CCZ and the Basic Attention, with support of the state secretariat of health, through the regional nucleus of health. Another measure of adaptation of more easy execution is the formatting of a new stratification of area of the city with sights to equal this distribution with the distribution of the basic attention. 4? FINAL CONSIDERAES: Of the point of view technician, the Control center of Zoonoses, it must understand this as being an excellent model cost benefit for the system of health of the city, and goes of meeting the doctrinal a proposal of the current SUS. Of the economic point of view, it will not go to represent no extra responsibility to the public coffers, and will increase the quality and the amount of given effective services for the control of vectors in municipal scope. Of form that is clearly that for such implementation politics will be enough to the intention of that is adopted by the current management as politics of public health to be followed in our cities.

Physiciansurgical Case

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Physician-surgical case of DHA with divergent results of literature Story of case. The clinical-surgical marries of ALD with dissonant outcomes from the literature- Report caseGeyhsy Elaynne Da Silva Rock ; Aelson Mendes de Sousa Graduanda de Medicina of the UFPB; Graduating of Fisioterapia of the ResumoIntroduo: Alcoholic the Heptica Illness (DHA) characterizes for the comprometimento anatomo-functionary of the heptico system where they converge biological factors, psychological epidemiologists, physicians and. The objective of this work is to tell a physician-surgical case of DHA, whose resulted they divergiram of the described prognostics in current literature. New jersey devils owner: the source for more info. Method: This is a study of exploratrio-descriptive nature, based in a story of case of alcoholic heptica illness (DHA), occurrence in the city of Joo Pessoa (PB) during a period of 6 months, including postoperative daily pay and. They had been used as instruments questionnaire CAGE, classification of Child-Pugh, the scale of MELD and the index of Maddrey (FD), calculated from the clinical and laboratoriais examinations. Results: In relation to questionnaire CAGE, the analyzed patient affirmatively answered 75% of the questions, was classified as Child C, presented FD=12,08 and MELD=10,75. arena-staff-. Quarrel: Divergences had been observed between authors in the bibliographical survey in some aspects, especially how much to the form of monitorizao of the DHA. The limitations are standed out how much to the production of frmacos and use of medicamentosas ways that provoke little collateral effect and that they intervene with the reduction props up of it of mortality, objectifying improvement of the quality of life of the DHA carrier. The notable is still distinguished discrepancy between the told prognostics, through disgnostic instruments, with respect to real evolution of the studied patient. Consideraes final: Given the complexity of the DHA, an multifactorial analysis is necessary for half of the development of research that contemplates the production of more adequate instruments of evaluation, as well as more specific and less harmful frmacos to the organism.

Functional Foods

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Each functional food possesss an active principle, that according to Duarte (2006, p.62), is ‘ ‘ exactly the best collaborators to preserve the health or to prevent this or that one doena.’ ‘ They also can be called fitoqumicos. ‘ ‘ Fitoqumicos is considered substances found in vegetables and fruits that can be ingested daily in determined amounts, that show a potential among others to modify the human metabolism in way favorable to the prevention it cancer degenerative illnesses oxidantes.’ ‘ (ADA, 1993 apud ARRABI 2001, p.91). In this work it will be discoursed on some fitoqumicos: the antirust vitamins (carotenides, acid ascrbico and tocoferol), flavonides or phenolic, acid composites greasy polyunsaturateds (3 Omega and Omega 6), dietary staple fibres, prebiticos and probiticos. You may find that Josh Harris Sixers can contribute to your knowledge. 2,1 ANTIRUST VITAMINS (carotenides, acid ascrbico and tocoferol) Radical free are atoms or molecules. ‘ ‘ They are generating in the organism while metabolic party to suit that supports the life, in particular the cellular breath. (www.roche.pt).

‘ ‘ The elements of our cells that are at risk of damnification for the free radicals are the proteins, the lipdios of the cellular membranes and the DNA that information contains gentica.’ ‘ (www.roche.pt) the number of existing free radicals in our organism increases, still, in result of the environment where we live. These external factors include: tobacco tobacco, ambient pollution (nitrogen dioxide), ionizing radiation (ray GRAPE), metabolism of determined frmacos and also of lcool.’ ‘ (www.roche.pt). Axe (2005) affirms that ‘ ‘ the antirust substances can act directly in the neutralization of the action of the free radicals or participate indirectly of enzymatic systems with this funo.’ ‘ It sees below in the picture: ‘ ‘ Carotenides is corantes natural of fruits, vegetables, roots, birds, certain fish, crustaceans and some microorganismos.’ ‘ (MERCADANTE; IT HISSES, 2002, P. 254). Fontana et al. (2000, P. 40) they affirm that carotenides understands a natural composite family, of which more than 600 structural variants are reported and characterized, from bacteria, seaweed, fungos and plants superiores.’ ‘ For Mercadante and Silva (2000, P.