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Cook BBQ Right

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Shish kebab marinade universally accepted. But in some places there are other preferences. And some people erroneously believe that vinegar kills the taste of meat and is only suitable in order to beat the taste of spoiled meat. Despite such assertions, pickling is a necessary step in the preparation of kebab meat hard. Meat is composed of fibers held together by connective tissue. Under the influence of organic acids occurring in all kinds of pickles, Connective tissue is softened, resulting in improved consistency of the finished barbecue, as well as significantly reducing the time of its preparation. Most often used for pickling vinegar and mayonnaise.

But marinating in mayonnaise makes a barbecue too fat, plus on the surface of meat is sometimes formed soot egg white, part of the mayonnaise. Gourmets for marinating the meat does not recommend using vinegar and dry white wine. Some wines are produced only in the Caucasus for use in a marinade for meat. The wine is well suited for this purpose also because it contains a certain percentage of alcohol, which also softens the meat. In this regard, recommended for pickling in vinegar to add alcohol to an amount of about 15-20 g per 1 kg of meat (or an equivalent amount of vodka). Sometimes, as a marinade instead of vinegar is also used lemon or pomegranate juice or a mixture of alcohol. Used for marinating fresh onion (in rings) with a little salt and red pepper, which is used together with cooked meats as an additional garnish.

Her Majesty The Pizza: From The Stories Of Creation Up To The Present Fe

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The most delicious pizza chefs are doing, which relate to work as a hobby. This is usually frantic fans of pizza, so they know almost everything about this viands. Of course, the recipe of this delicacy, they will not disclose, but here's a fascinating story of pizza they necessarily tell you. Today, in order to appreciate the unique flavor of this dish you do not need to book a table at an Italian restaurant, it is enough only to order a pizza at home and in two dozen minutes in your hands is a specialty. Many people mistakenly believe that a pizza delivery – only for a thick wallet. Not at all. Order a pizza can be any student who lives on meager stipend:) progenitors pizza.

In fact, the first chefs cooks who created the pizza was not the Italians, and Greeks. They are in the military campaigns, came up to lay on a flat circle of dough onion, butter, garlic, cheese then bake. A little later, very similar bakery product came from the ancient Etruscans and Romans. Some believe that the Italians brought pizza recipe 'to mind' and made it unforgettable delicious, and, of course, built the world's first pizzeria. In 1905 he opened a pizzeria in America, in New York. After World War II the U.S.

took the next wave of popularity of pizza. Mass gained recognition this dish, when the United States lit 'stars' with Italian roots, such as Frank Sinatra and Jerry Colonna. The popular singer Dean Martin sang his fateful song, where pizza was compared with the moon. Some time later, pizza has become known throughout the civilized world. For a time it was to assume that this pizza is prepared in Italy. Once the Italian government newspaper published a recipe for this pizza. Indeed, according to him, pizza baked on a rather complex recipe and consists of a number of specific components. Pizza – as table decoration. Pizza is, in fact, a universal dish. Ordering pizza can be a good solution, say, a corporate party. This dish is perfect as a lunch or even breakfast. Pizza delivery in general is a great ornament of the family in the evening. You do not need to go anywhere, you simply dial the phone number and delivery make a reservation. It will be much cheaper than you will bake the pizza yourself. You'll spend a lot of time and effort, but as a result you will get no pizza, but a real cake, while the pizza – it's unique treat!