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Soviet States

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Socialist camp (Poland, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Germany) ceased to exist and yet it shaped our market and Standard, since the production was geared specifically for export to the fraternal countries. The forest was a source of income Soviet States, and is a strategic raw material. In connection with this build wooden houses en masse from a bar in Moscow was not allowed the luxury of even a very famous and wealthy individuals. It is for this reason, many Forestries were placed on the edge of financial disaster and bankruptcy, and were later plundered and destroyed in the dense 90-95 year. Tens of thousands of people remain hungry, without a chance for a normal life. Many specialists, a unique workshop on wood drank themselves to others rushed to work in the capital, killing the main profession. But remained the most important strategic resource – a forest, and a giant hole in the recess of the internal market timber.

It simply did not exist! In the huge metropolis Moscow had nothing to build! Get edged boards and beams were incredibly difficult. 96-98, there were small, enterprising (CP, IP) and the dealers who have successfully solved this problem simply by stealing unattended timber from former farms and recycling timber in-edged boards and beams. The technology was as follows – “technology simply was not” the main task napilit lot and drive to Moscow faster. Sometimes 150h50 board or board 150×150 resembled hand-hewn slabs, since piloramschik one hand supplied to the machine beam, and the other managed to have a snack, or just after drinking could not come in a soothing vibrating conveyor beer.