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According to the report of the AEF, in absolute numbers, did so in 2.063 jobs, so lowering 235.929 employees to 233.866 date of July 31. Some contend that best bars in new york shows great expertise in this. Statistical review relating to billing, billing provides an adjustment in data provided above for the end of year 2008. It is, therefore, incorporate to billing adjustments that companies have been sent in recent months and that allow us to establish as final billing at 31 December 2008 the figure of 25.734.661.000 provided in the previous report. This represents an increase of 3.8% on the final digit of the year 2007, which was of 24.786.918.000, explains Vallhonrat. The sector that most invoiced remains in power with 6.117.546.000, followed by hospitality, as a whole, with 5.515.941.000 and with 2.182.895.000 travel agencies. Read more here: starbucks in new york. Within walking distance were placed: fashion, in all its specialties, with 1.779.087.000; furniture and textilhogar, 1.727.964.000 and transport services with 1.531.279.000. The franchise, by autonomous communities and backgrounds in the report, the AEF has also revised the Central franchise operating in different Spanish autonomous communities. ledge.. As usual, Madrid is located at the head with 291 ensigns (3 more than last year), followed by Catalonia with 241 (5 more), Valencia with 95 (adds 3 compared to the previous period) and Andalusia with 86 (4 more than in 2008).

These 4 communities account for 79.7% of the Central franchise in Spain. In regard to billing that produce the ensigns in the autonomous communities, follows from the report totaling the 4 aforementioned communities 85.8% of the national total, which is justified by the concentration of large networks, particularly in Madrid and Catalonia. As for the provenance of the ensigns, According to the revision of the AEF, the number of foreign brands would last presumably 18.1% to conform now 18.5% of the total, or what is the same 166 of the total current 895 are foreign, while in 2008, 159 of the existing 875 then were foreign. France and United States top the ranking, although Italy is the country that has recently introduced more flags in Spain with 4 new brands (goes from 26 to 30) and Andorra, South Korea and Norway implanted for the first time a in our country. The balance sheet leaves us with good taste, despite the current situation, the franchise continues to maintain stable and strong as a whole. Of course that some sectors are most affected, but other resurgent and evolve with more force.

This makes the system equilibrate and generally continue offering very favourable expectations ends the President of the AEF. On the Spanish Association of franchisors the Spanish Association of franchisors (AEF) was founded 15 years ago and It is currently composed of 193 partners, whose turnover represents 66% of the volume of business generated by the franchise system in Spain. The AEF objectives are the represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country, as well as make interlocutor before the Administration and make it known in other markets, through its presence in various fairs of international franchises.


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Passive type financial products are those that allow the holder to deposit money to entities such as boxes, banks and credit unions, are taking the obligation to return the money under the conditions stipulated by the contract. Within these financial products of passive type can find three of the most common types: checking accounts, also called sight deposits, savings accounts and term deposits. Each of these types of accounts has certain characteristics that mark its specificity and are not detailed by law, so you are defined by the practice of the daily activity. Let’s see, then, what are some of these characteristics of these types of passive bank accounts. Firstly, the deposits are defined by the ability of the holder do income of money and the obligation of the Bank give the same at any time that the holder available. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out shimmie horn. These types of accounts generally have some sort of remuneration, although not always, but is less than that of other types.

Current accounts are accounts that have what is called an active box service, so it serves so that the owner can use it to make payments and collections in actively. For example, make the deposit of cheques, debit receipts, pay checks, withdraw cash, and others. These operations usually involve some sort of Commission. It is important in this type of account that they have enough money to operate; If not, the account is not operational. If the holder wishes, anticipate money, for example to make a payment. This movement is known as bare in mind. In terms of the types of accounts called accounts or passbooks, differ fundamentally from current accounts in two features: the Bank provided to the holder of a book in which are recorded movements of the account, on the one hand, and the savings accounts may have the disadvantage compared with the other that occasionally offer fewer facilities for entry of monies and to make payments.

However, this is compensated by interest rates a little higher than the sight deposits. The difference between checking accounts and saving much more in recent times, to the point that many banks already do not differentiate between a product and the other has been shortened. Term deposits are a few types of bank accounts which are defined because the entry of money that is made on the account made by a certain period of time. The entity returns the money to the end of term, returning more capital remuneration generated by the interests agreed in advance. A collection of newspaper type of interests can also be drafted while the operation is standing. Many term deposits offer the possibility to withdraw money before the term ends, but this operation entails a penalty, a Commission which depends on the Bank.