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Recent Venzuelan History

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Venezuela’s recent history is linked to the figure of Romulo Gallegos, as many of his contemporaries, he knew political and social truths unravel and translate not only in his writings but also in their actions, for this reason is that, for example, voluntary exile to avoid offering the senator that made Juan Vicente Gomez, Venezuelan dictator feared early twentieth century, representing everything millimeter of barbarism could conceptualize Gallegos, for that reason also, a few years later, joined his pen, his figure and will to the militant political activity is one of the founders of the Democratic Action Party at the time that the party represented the hope of many Venezuelans to exit from the savagery of dictatorship and the guerrillas and enter a time in the current democratic government and social peace.

It was at this time he participated actively in politics, as beloved figure and respected by the Venezuelan people, who became president of the republic in the elections held in 1948. His presidency lasted only a few months since it was ousted by the movement that led Chalbaud Delgado and Marcos Perez Jimenez, who would eventually be killed on first and self-proclaimed President (dictator) the second. It was the beginning of the second exile of Romulo Gallegos, which ended in 1958 after the fall and end of the dictatorship of Perez Jimenez. He returned to Venezuela and without further political ambitions, realizing that the moment had passed, on his return he was awarded the National Prize for Literature, in my opinion lean compensation and recognition for their efforts and work not only as literary but also political and the social. .