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Conclusion One

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However, who does not take care of well of what he is its, it comes the thief, it kills the resistncias, takes ownership, and usufructs of what it stole. You understand the question? The violence in transit is only the tip of iceberg social, it is in the heart of the invigilantes people. It perceives: the life always flows with naturalness, because it is of the will of God who all show as really they are. It is as soon as are promoted those that if strengthen in the construction of a better world, more just, insurance, happy. If to think with good sense on our origin (' ' we are body, but we are esprito' '), for the fact of that all the beings livings creature had been created by the Celestial Father, we will be revealing intelligence, obedience and progress. However, if we oppose our divine identity, making the evil or in not mattering with thing some, our potentialities if they corrupt.

Book of the Apocalypse, chapter 22, versicles of 11 the 13: ' ' It continues the unjust one making injustice; the dirty one still being dirty; just it remains in the practical one of justice; who is saint, continues to santificar itself. Here it is that I come without delay, and with me is the proper reward who I have according to repay to each one its obras.' ' The weak one does not know to defend itself; the weakened one is vulnerable; displicente is lazy; distracted deturpa the things; the cruel one contaminates the way that is; the inferior does not believe in the proper existence. Result: in all the cantos of the Land people of all the ages and conditions leave its bodies and its open souls to any one that of its lives to want to take ownership, classic phenomenon that if it sees, of the moral disturbance and the loss of control on the proper personality. It is in the book Apocalypse, chapter 3, versicle 3: ' ' It remembers to you, therefore, from what you have received and ear (of God, Jesus and the Espirito Santo), and keeps it well and you make penance. Inasmuch as, if not to watch, I capsized as a thief, and you will not know by no means where hour I will arise myself against ti.' ' Conclusion She is necessary, it is urgent, it is inadivel, therefore, that important learnings emotional spirituals and are placed in practical, so that delayed let us not repent in them of the hell that we create for our existences. Jesus, Salvador of the Humanity, already informed, and is also registered in the book Apocalypse, chapter 1, versicle 7: ' ' Here it is that Jesus comes with clouds, and all will contemplate It to the eyes, even though those had assigned that It. all the nations of the Land will complain of on It. Certainly. Amm.' ' In this hour it will not have excuses, nor unpunished. It even knows of everything of what of everything was forgotten for us has times exactly.

The Tooth

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In this in case that, the histopatolgico examination of the tumoral mass disclosed to proliferation of round cells the fusiformes with relation nucleus-cytoplasm 1/1, contends eosinoflico cytoplasm and little delimited, round, vesiculoso and central nucleus, I contend one the two nuclolos. Cells I contend up to three nuclei had been observed and figures of mitose were gifts in the ratio of one for field of 40X. The cells organized in whirlwinds composites for interlaced and not delimited beams of cells. Studies retrospective epidemiologists who take in account the tumors diagnosised in dogs, demonstrate that the incidence of this neoplasma varies of 1,3% the 1.5% (10,11). Amongst neoplasmas you pray, fibrossarcoma represents 11.11% of the diagnosised cases (5). However, exactly being less common the extra-verbal localizations for this neoplasma, the tooth of this clinical case presented the tumoral mass in the member previous right, in the region of the olecrano, being this important data for the establishment of distinguishing disgnostic futures of other patologias that attend a course with increase of volume of this region (osteossarcomas, condrossarcomas, higroma). The advanced age, the invasion and the tumoral return are compatible with what he was described for other authors (1,2,3,4,5).

However, in the gift in case that the animal presented metstase tumoral in linfonodo regional, what he is rare in animals with fibrossarcoma isolated (1,3). However this type of metstase was cited also by other authors (6). Studies tell that it does not have tumorais returns exactly after passed months of the amputation (with ample surgical edge) and that this neoplasma does not invade the fabric sseo (2). is often quoted as being for or against this. In the clinical case presented, exactly after 8 months of the last surgical procedure the patient meets without return signals or metstase and during the macrocospic examination of the amputated member was evident that the sseas structures were preserved. CONCLUSION Being based on the findings of this study, we conclude that it is possible to treat surgically, since that respected the surgical edges, fibrossarcomas little differentiated, making possible the complete recovery of the patient.