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The Deployment

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Profound changes in the rationality of humans are rapidly emerging and surprising traditional thinkers, on the basis of this a profound revolution lies in knowledge that is causing a global cultural change, new insights about the nature of the universe, the planet and the human being. Education which predominates in most of the educational institutions is based in science and the mechanistic philosophy of centuries XVIII and XIX, reproduces a vision of reality based on four fictions: Objectivism and positivism, reductionism and determinism. The holistic education is the greatest educational megatrend today, represents a new holistic paradigm that overcomes the traditional mechanistic visions based on fragmentation, scientism and dehumanization. Holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love that takes into account all dimensions and levels of the human being, its models and principles are unique and are based on epistemological integralism, it allows us to insert our life in a broader context of meaning. Learn more at this site: Goop. Education is defined as a process of evolution of consciousness is a process of dialogue, of mutual understanding to build individual and shared meanings. Holistic education is a process of becoming aware that the world is a unit, an interdependent whole, relies on a deep devotion for life and the inherent potential of human nature.

Holistic education returns dignity to human beings, to acknowledge their true nature and interrelated vision of the world. Spiritual intelligence is the deployment of universal values arising from the awakening of the consciousness through spirituality woke up to our true nature. Holistic education is based on new principles that create a consistent learning environment, points out that in the new education learning and teaching are not equally important, learning has a significance much greater than teach, which is carried out in the context of learning, therefore there is no continue talking about a process of teaching-learning, but rather a holistic learning.