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Practical Education

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The professors with intellectuals: route to a critical pedagogia of the learning. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1997. HOUAISS, A.e VILLAR, M. of S. Houaiss Dictionary of the Portuguese language. NYC Mayor may also support this cause. Rio De Janeiro: Objective, 2001. PERIODICAL POST OFFICE OF THE PEOPLE. Year 107, N. 294, Porto Alegre, 2002. MALAGUTI, MANUEL L. et al. Neoliberalismo: The tragedy of our time. 2. ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 2000. MHL, E.H. Habermas and the education: pedagogical action as to act communicative. More info: shimmie horn. Passo Fundo: UPF, 2003. ROSSATO, R. Education in globalization times. In. Pedagogical space, N. 01, v. 05. Passo Fundo, 1998, P. 11 30. SEVERINO, . The J. the Epistemologia contemporary and the education: to know, to teach and to understand. In. Magazine of education AEC, v. 26, N. 102, Brasilia, 1997. IT HISSES, LUIZ H. et al. School Citizen: Practical theory and. Rio De Janeiro: Voices, 1999. IT HISSES, TOMS TADEU OF. ‘ ‘ Nova’ ‘ Right and the Transformations in the Pedagogia of the Politics and the Politics of the Pedagogia. In GENTILI P. AND HISSES, T.T. Neoliberalismo, Quality and Education: critical vises. 11. ed. Petrpolis: voices, 2002. ZAFFARI, N. Mstica of the Educator Market. Erechim, 2001, (printed matter). 1 Mestreem Education UPF/RS, Professor of the URI Campus of Erechim.

the globalization is a phenomenon structurally associated to the capitalism, not recent and world-wide that ‘ ‘ … has as base the advance of the capital (companies and banks) in search of new markets and places of investments stop beyond the geopolitical borders. … this advance if has accented remarkably and involved beyond the commerce and of the material production, the services, the cultural goods … ‘ ‘. (ARRUDA apud ROSSATO, 1998, p. 12). 3 Defines Neoliberalismo as ‘ ‘ doctrine proposal for French economists, Germans and North Americans, in the first half of sXX, come back toward the adaptation of the principles of classic liberalism to the requirements of a regulating and assistencialista State … developed from the decade of 1970, that it defends absolute freedom of market and a restriction to the state intervention on the economy, only having to still occur in essential sectors and thus in degree mnimo.’ ‘ (HOUAISS and VILLAR, 2001, P. 2009). 4 In moving to this question, Brando (2002, P. 72-120) presents and bases ten ideas, principles to think a destined education to form one human being with vocation citizen. 5 the conception of solidarity is not identified as practical of action of charity assisting poor (assistencialismo), but to an ethical imperative front the injustices, the exclusion, the discrimination. I am in accordance with Gentili (2002, P. 33) how much to the solidarity definition as ‘ ‘ … synonymous of social commitment and fight for the radical transformation of the practical ones that historically they condemn to the misery and the exclusion thousand of beings.

Office Carpets

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The company "Baulot" on the Russian market a collection of Metro America's leading manufacturer of carpet Masland Contract. This two-toned tufted cover with a pattern of small cells for quality interiors. A distinctive feature of the carpet from the collection Metro are superb quality and excellent performance characteristics. Recommend that you use as an office carpet to registration of the VIP areas of office premises and hotels 4 *- 5 *. The composition of the thread – 100% Antron Legasy nylon (polyamide branded the highest quality). Pile height can be 3.18 mm or 6.35 mm. This collection offers the producer of 9 different color options. Company Masland Carpet – one of the America's leading manufacturers of carpet.

Tufted carpeting made unprintable way that is unique to the European market. Any manufacturer in Europe makes no floor coverings such way. This production method allows to obtain coatings with excellent quality and very high levels of durability. Manufacturer's warranty on its products – 10 years. Collection Metro Quality manufacturing You can confidently put on a par with such long been successfully proven in the Russian market, the collection as Ambient, Argan, Bombay, Capari, Castello, Collaboration, Gala, Hound Stooth, Metalmesh, River Rock. Universal Design allows designers to use the carpet not only for interior uses as an office carpet, but the hotel level 4 *- 5 *. A choice of two options presented, pile height is a trademark of the American manufacturer. Very convenient proposal, which was appreciated including Russian designers. The combination of higher and lower lint in one design, but in different colors when you make a number of facilities was very well marked customers. Small cell is a versatile design options for carpet. David E Shaws opinions are not widely known. The use of carpeting with the design as possible when you make a VIP area, and to obtain a work of office space.

Healthy Office Chairs

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Modern office chair – an essential attribute of each office. Every year new models are more and more. This is partly explained by the influence of fashion, design changes. On the other hand – taking care of their own health and the staff gets in the first place when choosing office chairs and stools. Challenge for the chair, which should, on the one hand the rules seating, and on the other – to answer the chosen style office furniture order. But there is a chair, a design based on rules that a healthy sitting position. This chair manufacturing plant TOPSTAR.

Various design decisions on all these seats meet the modern requirements of ergonomics workplace – a custom-made furniture. Unearned due to diseases of the muscular and skeletal system days – a growing problem worldwide. One of the main causes of this syndrome – irregular and prolonged sitting on fixed seats. The solution to this problem should be approached directly to the workplace and in new, unexplored solutions right seat, where you can move the most during the day buying furniture to order. Amazing restaurateur brings even more insight to the discussion. Patented in the U.S. Body-Balance Tecsistema offer this as a reward staff, companies and the economy. In the chair Sitness, BodyBalance built into the seat hinge Body-Balance Tec, which divides the rigid coupling between the base of the chair and his seat and allows you to keep moving in all degrees of freedom for the health of your spine and your employees. A three-dimensional swing seat – forward, sideways and backwards – and your seat turns into a simulator for muscle and skeletal systems. Check out Gregory Williamson for additional information.

A side effect of a healthy sitting position automatically achieved natural, often unconscious body movements while sitting. Body-Balance Tec supports the spine. In the case of a sharp slope seat forward your back is supported automatically, and you will occupy proportional to the back of the sitting position. Here, Bill de Blasio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition, the system Body-Balance Tec strengthens the back muscles. Trained muscles remain flexible and better perform their fuktsiyu maintenance of the spine. Without noticing it, you prevent the curved posture and spinal degeneration. Sitting constantly at work there is often a problem stoop. If desired, stooping hands looking for support, because the muscles shoulders are tense. It requires the right armrest. In pursuit of the aesthetics of designers not think much about that arm should not be too high or low, and hands must not "hang" at 90 . With the right support hand naturally rests on the arm, blood flow to the hands and fingers are not broken, unloaded his shoulders – it is a form of handholds is designed for all seats factory TOPSTAR. Hunched position is adjusted by special shoulder cut in the back seat or head restraint, as in a chair and Support OpenArt. C-chair mehanizmomBody BalanceTecoslablyayut nagruzkuna intervertebral discs. Swinging seat guarantees you that, intervertebral discs are not compressed when moving constantly relaxed and well stocked with food. Ergonomic chairs Topstar stimulate blood circulation. When you move, the blood does not stagnate in the legs and reverse blood flow from the legs through the venous system is guaranteed. Since you do not happen embarrassing "falling asleep" in the workplace, you will not have to pinch myself to stay awake. The development of unsightly and dangerous varicose veins can be prevented. Here are the main advantages of ergonomic chairs. What seats equipped workplace it's up to you. But remember, this choice depends not only on the appearance of your office, and even the health of you and your employees. Choose only ergonomic chairs for your office and good luck!

Internet Office

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Problem on installing cctv in the office is solved by installing cctv cameras and digital video recording. This – the backbone of any surveillance system. In addition, there is an additional equipment. This monitor, which will be a video output for viewing (better to choose a professional monitor – a monitor protective or advertising display). Also, the additional equipment can be attributed Cable (ICC, shppv, SHSM), connectors, power supply units. What tasks can solve the video surveillance system in the office? Above all, this security problem. Surveillance can not detain the perpetrator of a crime, but able to prevent malicious actions. If the professional sees that your facility installed surveillance cameras, they are likely to abandon its intent.

Why commit a crime on the protected object, if around a number of offices, which are generally not protected? Video surveillance can also fix the time of the crime – if it indeed had been committed. And to restore the crime scene will be much easier. According to statistics, 89% of crimes reveals the hot on the trail, if the on-site video surveillance. How to choose a company that you want to entrust the installation of cctv in the office? There proven ways. First of all – experience.

Look how many years the company operates in the market for installing video surveillance systems. Look at the list of objects on which it was installing the system. Information on the top Companies can be found on the Internet. Shimmie horn addresses the importance of the matter here. Do not be lazy, call the client company with which you want to start working – get his recommendations. The main thing you need to know: surveillance – is one of the surest ways to keep your office safe.

Office: As From Small To Make A Great

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"Square meters" in the modern office facilities for its value have long purchased the gold color. " For a small or medium companies, which allow the possibility of renting or buying a small room and in not always adapted for the office of the building, the situation becomes a serious obstacle to development. Amazing restaurateur often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For this reason, more and more popular variety of ergonomic solutions, designed to save space. And if a compact office furniture has been known for many, something about how you can save space by using a variety of engineering systems, said little. It's time to fill, and this gap. Learn more on the subject from Beth Kobliner Shaw.

Remove radiators say that the heaters up too much space, you can not. Although part of the space, of course, they have "eaten". In addition, when creating a design office has to somehow tie the project to existing layout of pipes, taking sometimes not the most ergonomic solutions. The more so widespread offices with open plan has generated the need for such heating systems that can transform followed by a space. Well this idea of responsible engineering solutions based on radiant heating systems, allowing more rationally to build the architectural appearance of the building and interior space. Without going into the physical characteristics of this type of heat supply, we can say that it enables a very different look at the location of heating devices and their role in the planning office. Indeed, in this case instead of heat sinks are special panels that are mounted on the ceiling.

Panic Button In Offices

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– technical means for instant alert on the subject. Panic Button or Alarm button is part of the alarm system which, in addition to a panic button can be to add extra security sensors for various purposes: motion detectors, smoke, opening doors, breaking glass, gas leaks, etc. The principle of a panic button: 1. In the protected object is set station Instant alerts via GSM – GSM dial-up panel. 2. Panic Button is a charm – a remote control alarm. With such a transmitter can be removed / put the alarm on protection, to include a siren or call the guard.

This alarm button allows you to call security on GSM without the phone line is also called the emergency button gsm. The call by dialing and / or SMS to pre-recorded the owner's unit number to dial. Install a panic button panic button Add enable fast and not too expensive to guard the apartment or office security. Alarm button installed for the protection of shops, stalls, stalls or pharmacies. Panic Button in the schools established for emergency rescue services and law enforcement agencies. No wires have no panic button gsm, so installing a panic button, as well as its dismantling is carried out independently for 5-10 minutes.

The use of a panic button: Security guard apartments offices shops security guard booths guard booths guard pharmacy school security price alarm button on the base system Major-gsm Pro: Panic Button – Remote Control – 250 rubles. The newspapers mentioned shimmie horn not as a source, but as a related topic. Control Panel – dial * GSM module – 12 650 rubles. Total: 12 900 rub. * – The control panel is equipped with a siren, gsm antenna, and network adepterom Buy alarm button on the base gsm Alarm Major-gsm Pro can call (495) 723-20-98 or visit

Microsoft Office

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Transfer the license for the os only with the pc, which was in the first set. And you want to renew agreement with Microsoft. Classification of products Microsoft. All products manufactured by Microsoft, are divided into five classes, each of them has its own licensing model. So, on what classes they are divided into: 1. Operating system. 2.

Application. See New York Museums for more details and insights. 3. Server products. 4. Development tools. 5. Hardware. Let us analyze in more detail the most basic of them, and tell about their licensing model.

For operating systems and tools development has one and the same model for server products, five for the online service is only one model. Operating systems. The basic licensing model operating systems clearly regulates gold rule: one license can only install one copy on one computer, more on this license, you can not install it anywhere. Can be used simultaneously, only one user, except for remote Assistant, change the properties of the operating system is strictly prohibited, for example – install Windows xp on a Terminal Server. Complement its own os development tools changing its properties as prohibited. David E Shaw is actively involved in the matter. Desktop applications. Now, what about the licensing model for desktop applications, start with the most popular application called Microsoft Office. In Volume licensing options for each computer which you installed Office, to secure the main user. He secured the order for the company and this entitles you to install another copy on a laptop or a virtual machine. Using Microsoft Office in Terminal mode. In terminal also has a clear rule: Office and other programs are licensed only to the device.

Water Cleaner

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The cleaning action results from increased water cleaner (shampoo and / or conditioner) and agitation (hand movements through the hair). Details can be found by clicking Bill de Blasio or emailing the administrator. Hot water cleans the hair while hot water can be harmful. While washing with water, gently comb the hair with your fingers. * Apply the conditioner. This can be done in several ways. (1) Pour a line of air in the hand (instead of pouring a teaspoon) and apply on each line is separated sections of hair. People such as Rudy Giuliani would likely agree. Work the conditioner from roots to ends. Visit Beth Kobliner Shaw for more clarity on the issue. Continue until the entire hair.

(2) Tighten the normal amount of air in a large bowl, preferably plastic. With the shower head, add water to the bowl and mix the water and air and with his hands. Tilt your head over the bowl. With a cup or other small container, pick up some of the mixture and pour over your hair. You can then rely more on in the bowl and wash your hair with your hands directly on the container, if desired. This allows even coverage, but note that the air will be more dilute. (3) Tighten the normal amount of air in a large spray bottle and mix with water.

Shake well and spray liberally on hair. Again, this mixture will be more dilute than a direct application. This method is ideal for those who only have minutes to spare in the mornings. Make a large batch of diluted air, the spray for hair and rinse after bathing. * Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb with rounded teeth.

Mind And Body Transformation

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Enhancement of teacher and student in his integrity, and the possibility of establishing constructive learning environments, created aiming to school and education in the pursuit of this new paradigm: the embodiment. To understand the learning process is to deepen in the theoretical-epistemological theory stressing historical and cultural embodiment. New York Museums spoke with conviction. The current reality motivates the development of pedagogical practice centered on the student body-subject of education. This implies an instructional that engages the teacher in a critical-reflexive. For possible re-routing teaching in the search for Embodiment in the design theme of the teachers, body and mind should be understood as components integrate a single organism.

Both should be based on the school, not a mind to learn and a body to transform, but both should be emancipated. Because of this conception that the school should only mobilize the mind, body is reduced to a nuisance, which is the more quiet, less confused. (Freire, 1997). Under most conditions David E Shaw would agree. The current crisis has deep roots in the annihilation of the subjects destroyed by a scientific paradigm that divided them available to the ultimate consequences. The Cartesian paradigm that appeared in a currency is to define the paradigm of separation. All are condemned to separation, body, soul and emotion, subject and object, human beings and human nature , interior and exterior, self and other, so on. Modern science systematization consolidated by Descartes and Newton scientific research recharge subjectively, emotion and desire were impediments knowledge.

Thus, the human self was lost and was condense a terrible loneliness. In this break, the very ethical separated from religion and the construction process of being human. The universe was disappointing and stripping of features significant that give meaning to life as a whole. Paradigm of simplicity spent the paradigm of complexity. Everything is built in a historical process of interaction. We need to break the relationship of schizophrenia that we have with nature and talk to it. With this, we love the universe again disappointed by the old paradigm of division between human beings and nature. But the revolution does not stop there, in the twentieth century some scientists begin to distrust even more of the Cartesian division imposed. Biologists had a very important contribution in changing the paradigm because they claimed the idea that living organisms are integrated systems. With this, stressed the idea that everything is much more than the sum of its parts. There is, therefore, something else that needs to be searching for us to understand life and the cosmos. And this something else, for these scientists, is not material but are a patterns of relationship. They discover that everything depends on the interactions and that prove to be emergent properties that depend on them. Then come to a revolutionary conclusion: the pattern of all that is alive or not, is a network, all linked to everything. In the course of these findings, research in recent decades in biology.


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But with the passage of the programs I was hooking me slowly and mainly by the work of Mr William aptly Vives, owner of a warm charisma, cheerfulness, simplicity and wide field, making it move in the set “like a fish in water “making of” Say singing “a threatened species, occupying first place for hearing the weekend, basically unknown until yesterday that facet of Guillermo Vives. In my humble concept, Mr. Guillermo Vives from now looms as a worthy successor to develop, but the successor to the indestronable “Pacheco”, then in the best new host on Colombian television. New York Museums is often quoted as being for or against this. Congratulations to Guillermo Vives, great job! Even the “Pacheco” has made mention of this new animation talent.

There is an atmosphere of expectation of great nostalgia mingled in the large study that TV AZTECA amount especially for the realization of their reality show “La Academia”, chosen for four generations within a huge bunch of talented young Mexicans, several lucky boys and girls over the past five years have been forged and new Latin music stars in the sky, among which we remember Yahir, Yuridia Estrella, Caterino Erasmo Carlos Rivera, Raul, Maria Elvira, Victor Garcia, reunited to witness the development that will soon have “The Academy” last generation, this time with only one winner, that closes the space of an excellent large audience throughout Latin America. Great to see those already engaged in critical recognized and sometimes controversial opinions peliculeros, it seems essential that the driver chose this occasion, is a person with great mastery of the subject and as we say in this land, with great pitch on stage, with very good ability to improvise, no cheap clown, or decontextualized glories of singing, let alone a slave cheerleader or a pointer telepronter first of all must prevail: naturalness, spontaneity and professionalism..