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The Temple of massage, network of centres specializing in therapeutic and relaxing massages and beauty treatments, has participated in the open days for boyfriends that organizes the chain of Hotels Husa and specializes in catering Prats Fatjo. Initiative aims to bring together in the same space to all potential suppliers of a bridal link, beginning with the own wedding halls, and with the presence of suppliers of beauty and aesthetics, music, photography, flowers, bride and groom, gifts for guests car, etc. Thus, next to the Temple of massage have taken part in the celebration marks known as El Corte Ingles, Baccara, Freixenet, Alma de Chocolate or Mary Kay. The chain of wellness and beauty centres, launched a few years ago by three enterprising women, the sisters Marina and Maribel Corpa, and Marina Assir, presents couples going to collapse marriage your Bridal Menu. Consisting of a therapy of skin, manicure and a session of massage, for both, that specifically bind the pedicure, peeling and the makeup for the bride, is the best way to prepare the eve of binding the more relaxed and enjoyable, for having the best look and feel wonderfully appointed day. And all this with a discount of 30% for those couples who hire such bridal Menu during the open days of the Hotel Husa Princesa in Madrid.

The Temple of massage based its activity two specific areas: the muscle massage for your relaxation through techniques of heat and stretching, and a wide range of aesthetic services, which are carried out within the strictest hygiene and using products of the highest quality. Massages performed what chiropractors with training and experience in different specialties: relaxing, aesthetic, therapeutic descontracturant, shiatsu, foot reflexology, ayurveda as regards the part of aesthetics, offering traditional waxing with pine resin 100% natural which has no preservatives, no colorants, so it decreases to the minimum risk of allergy or irritation of skin, manicure and pedicure, injuries such as facial fangotherapy and both treatment. For those entrepreneurs interested in joining the Temple of the massage, the initial investment is around 20.070 euros (excluding civil works), with a 6,000 entry fee and a monthly royalty of 500 euros. The contract is for an initial period of 10 years. On the necessary accommodation has found at street and have a minimum 50 m2, preferable in areas of more than 100,000 inhabitants with an income per capita average, in neighborhoods consolidated commercially and, if possible, in commercial and/or business areas with pedestrian traffic and ease of parking.

Education Center

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Only use that give to the Internet and the computer is only as entertainment center (online games, social networks or centres of conversation Chat) hence the attraction that they exert ICT. Why then in education have the knowledge to solve problems and the construction of meaningful learning not functioned as a tool that furnishes or makes available, quickly and pertinently? First because teachers, in their vast majority, does not have the training to use it as a teaching resource. Second because the number of connected computers and Internet in schools is insufficient. Bill de Blasio is likely to increase your knowledge. Third because if the teacher wanted to use as a reference source for jobs outside the classroom would be exercising an act of inequity, given that most students do not have a computer at home or are connected to the Internet. Thus, the Debunking lies not in forget about the use of the TICs in the school but in banishing his only presence gives you status and quality. It is therefore required: a.

a training process that equip the teaching of teaching skills for the use of the TICs in different subjects and grades of basic education. b. a didactic planning, made by teachers themselves, in accordance with the technological availability and to the educational goals of each subject or course. Otherwise there is a serious risk that computers and resources deteriorate for lack of use or become obsolete without having had an educational use. To make this not happen the teachers themselves should be who promote the actions of training, didactic planning and, above all, of the relevant use of resources that is counted in its Education Center, will do the teaching practice to reach acceptable levels for the integral formation of their students.

Publishes Customers

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I.e. warns the world that your product (egg) is at your disposal as his work’s good humanity (new chicken if you don’t egg shade, candy supplies, food source of calcium, etc). The big secret I want to share it with you dear reader what Indian to continued: If you already have a website, email, and any social network, follow these tips that will take you to a stability in the short term and progress in medium and long term in your business or entrepreneurship:-placing free ads in all forums and portals that you can, indicating briefly that business you have, how you satisfy your clients needs and write down your web page, your email and your address on your social network be feasible. It publishes news in communities, forums, etc with the same thing. Publishes newsletters with information useful to your customers and do not forget to indicate briefly (at the end) that it is what you do, your website, your email and your social network. -Open to the world (da teleconferences, displays useful videos to your customers…Isn’t that you show what you sell necessarily but that showing how you will help your customers.

He writes articles useful for your customers. A customer who likes what you write will follow and in sometime you will buy or recommend that you buy, because you won your respect and loyalty. I advise you have twitter and facebook at least so d’Armes or belong to groups with common needs and points. Danny Meyer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It is a good place for helping others and helping others and earn the trust and therefore future customer loyalty. No one likes to buy who only tries to sell you something… Do not you uncomfortable when at lunch, someone knocks on your door and offers whatever interrupting your lunch? -You must make email marketing that is sends short post indicating what you sell, with clear specific messages which you have to help your clients with your product or service. All this get by internet and can even give reports using messenger or skype or any mechanism of rapid communication (cell phone, blackberry, nextel, iphone, etc etc etc). Everything listed generates traffic towards your web site.

More traffic to your web page, more people read the contents of what you sell and more option you have sell you what you sell… Thats viralear… It is as if it were a virtus transmitting body on body (in this case link in link or email in email, etc). If viraleas you save walk 12 to more hours a day. Let the computer do it for you… Win health… Best WINS and more time for your family, WINS clients.

Brazil Education

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After that, a commission was formed to elaborate to seem on the subject. After the approval of Law 10,639/03, the CNE asked for to the commission that extended seeming, already in elaboration phase, in order to establish the curricular lines of direction for the implementation of the law. Seeming that she contemplates the lines of direction, she had the teacher as reporter, was approved in 10 of homologated March and in 19 of May of 2004. Resolution 01 of the Full Advice of the CNE officially institutes the national curricular lines of direction for the education of the ethnic-racial relations and for the education of history and culture afro-Brazilian and African and was published in Official gazette in day 22 of June of 2004. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with shimmie horn. This trajectory is inspired in experiences carried through in classrooms, for prompt initiatives of teachers and professors, and also in spaces of the organizations of the black movement. With the same persistence demonstrated throughout history, the MN continues facing the challenge to make with that the law is respected and implemented in efficient way in all the domestic territory.

For this, it continues to monitor the didactic proposals, contents programmarians, materials and the formation offered to (to) the professional ones of education, that always must observe practical of an education the not-racist. 3-A LAW 10.639/03: TO It historical context: Of authorship of the member of the house of representatives Esther Grossi (Broken of the Workers? Great PT /Rio of the South), Law 10,639/03 was promulgated by the president of the Republic, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, in 9 of February of 2003. It modifies the LDB of 1996 and includes in the official resume of the basic educational establishments of the nets public and private the obligatoriness of the study of thematic history and African culture and afro-Brazilian. In accordance with the law, the content programmarian of the diverse ones you discipline must approach the study of history of Africa and the African peoples, the fight of the black people in Brazil, the Brazilian black culture and the (a) black () in the formation of the national society, rescuing the contribution of the black people in the areas social, economic and politics pertinent to the history of Brazil.

Brazilian People

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That is made systematically. Here the broth starts to thicken. First because invariably &#039 will be taught; ' formas' ' , and the Law gains great prominence in this process: this can and this cannot. Second because without perceiving the malice of the Brazilian and nor the real motivation of that sudden interest for the things of God, the missionary worsening the situation implanting in the mind of the native the genuine idea of Leader, English word that also can be translated Brazil as head, pag, tuchaua, big shot, ' ' homi' ' , ' ' cara' ' , among others brasileirismos. This the new converted knows well? accepted without no problem.

This concept is not new. Although the leader word does not appear in the Bible, Jesus already had alerted its disciples: ' ' You know that the ones that are recognized as governors of the heathen ones, of them if they assenhoreiam, and that on them its great ones exert autoridade' ' (Mc 10:42). Authority, power and evidence on the inhabitants of its community. Unhappyly it is this that many believers are searching. 4.Muito money and little attention. The valuation of HAVING and of the BEING is not common in the capitalized cultures more. Moreover, the volume of money that in front of runs all that people with who if it is working, is very great. The people starts to glimpse all the benefits that they can obtain through the new element in that society (she interprets $ or missionary, therefore in this case is synonymous).

Everybody wants to be benefited, and the fact one or two to be only obtained is reason of discord, also envies and cimes between the people. 5. Little or no disposal to learn with the Brazilian. But for the foreign missionary, it is making all certainty. The targets are being reached, have developed good contacts here in Brazil, the mantenedora church is contented with its reports and new projects are pipocando.

Explicativas Notes

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The not-obligator reports are not part of the basic structure of the countable demonstrations that must be elaborated for the purpose of spreading, being normally destined to the internal managemental use. Many of these reports are sufficient important for the analysis, allowing that more complete conclusions on the situation of the company are gotten. Examples: flow of box, projections of sales, performance for product etc. Complementarily to the obligator financial demonstrations, the company of open capital must also make responsible for the publication of the Report of Direction, Explicativas Notes, Seem of the Auditors. (Assaf, 2007, p.55) 2,8 Methodology of Analysis ' ' The rocking analysis is not only developed by means of applications of techniques, but also guided, to a large extent, for the sensitivity and experience of the analyst. With the intention of it collaborates in the formation of a metodolgica routine, is considered to follow a basic project of avaliao' ' (ASSAF, 2007, P.21). A.A company and the Market an essential concern of the analyst must be to know more at great length company and its market of performance, way best to evaluate the financial decisions (investment and financing) taking.

The rocking analysis becomes inside well more consistent how much interpreted of the characteristics of the sector of activity of the company. For example, a turn of 70 days of the supplies can extreme for be determined commercial segment, being considered, however, adjusted in another one. In the study of the activity sector where a company meets inserted, the potentials current and future of the consuming market must be evaluated the level and the size of the competition, the technological dependence, the suppliers, the politics of prices adopted for the sector etc. B. Financial Reports This item engloba all the countable demonstrations elaborated by the company, that will serve of source of information for the analysis economic-financier.

Central Banking

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According to divulged data of the Central banking in 06 of July, the deposits had added R$ 82,622 billion, before withdrawals of R$ 80,533 billion, what it resulted in a balance of R$ 2,089 billion. In May, the captation had been of R$ 1,88 billion and, in June of 2008, R$ 1,529 billion. The total in the last month is the greater since December of 2008, when the deposits had surpassed the booties in R$ 5,387 billion. It was the third time in the year where it has register of positive liquid captation. In February, the liquid captation had been of R$ 751,395 million and in May, of R$ 1,880 billion. In the January months (R$ 486,630 million), March (R$ 846,803 million) and April (R$ 941,549 million) the liquid captation was negative. In the passed month, the deposits had added R$ 82,622 billion and withdrawals R$ 80,533 billion. In June, the balance of the saving arrived the R$ 282,189 billion.

The report of the Central banking has for base given of the Brazilian System of Saving Loan (SBPE), that it destines resources to the real estate sector, and of the agricultural saving. Although the strong impulse in June, the captation accumulated in the first semester the same fell 35% in the comparison with period of 2008. In the first half of the 2008, balance it was of R$ 2,6 billion while in the first half of 2009 it reached R$ 1,7 billion. Concern of the GovernoDesde January, when the BC gave beginning to the process of reduction of the Selic tax, started to be argued in the government the impact that this fall of the interests would have on the investment funds. Good part of the patrimony of these deep ones, especially of fixed income and DI, is applied in public headings, that lose yield to each cut of the Selic.

Emotional Intelligence

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The level of estresse was the moderate one what the nurses had more frequently related to have. All the factors remembered for the interviewed ones provoke a consumption of much energy in a continuous adaptativo effort to the work. In turn, an unsatisfied professional can present a comprometimento in its abilities, the result of its work and its relations. contents report important aspects in the hospital environment that must be worked, in the measure where the nurse needs to give an assistance with quality to the patient. One gives credit, therefore, that to preserve the health, it is necessary that the employee is inserted, not only in the universe of its work, more also in the exterior world benefits that it interior, since this set is complemented so that it remains in balance and gets the satisfaction in its daily one. Bibliographical references BAUER ME. Estresse: as it shakes the defenses of the organism.

Basic Attention

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Function of the Agent of Endemic disease: The combat agent the endemic diseases of the CCZ, regularly will be established in the UBSF, and linked directly the communitarian agents of health, of 2 ESF. It will fit to this agent, to daily search next to these communitarian agents of health the relation of visited property, to proceed the elimination from the focos due and to elaborate the weekly reports to be you deliver to the supervisors of area of the CCZ, for inclusion of areas worked next to the FAD. 3.2.3? Function of the Supervisors of Area: As today they would continue with its areas of supervision, however of redistributed form of form to adjust with the distribution of the ESF. This agent would have as function specifies to search next to the combat agents the endemic diseases the weekly reports of visits. For more information see this site: New York Museums. To supervise and to correct the procedures of elimination of focos and confection of the reports on the part of these agents of endemic diseases. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Josh Harris and gain more knowledge.. To present to the general supervisors all the domiciliary reports of visits and LI+T, the agents of endemic diseases of its performance area.

3.3.4? Distribution of the areas: The cities must take in account the total of its ESF + EACS, between urban and agricultural area, and its agents of combat to the endemic diseases in conditions of effective work in the field; In if adjusting to the proposal we would have the following distribution: 1 Agent of Endemic disease for each 2 ESF; being that excessively the works of blockade, education in health, mobilizations and destruction would have to be dedicated mechanics of focos 3.2? Adaptations: For the implementation of present the proposal, the implementation of measures to adjust to the new picture will be necessary to the Control center of Zoonoses. The main one of them would be the qualification of the communitarian agents and the agents of endemic diseases for the agreement of the new considered model; This can be played by the coordination of the CCZ and the Basic Attention, with support of the state secretariat of health, through the regional nucleus of health. Another measure of adaptation of more easy execution is the formatting of a new stratification of area of the city with sights to equal this distribution with the distribution of the basic attention. 4? FINAL CONSIDERAES: Of the point of view technician, the Control center of Zoonoses, it must understand this as being an excellent model cost benefit for the system of health of the city, and goes of meeting the doctrinal a proposal of the current SUS. Of the economic point of view, it will not go to represent no extra responsibility to the public coffers, and will increase the quality and the amount of given effective services for the control of vectors in municipal scope. Of form that is clearly that for such implementation politics will be enough to the intention of that is adopted by the current management as politics of public health to be followed in our cities.

Rio De Janeiro

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Products and safe conditions of work attract conscientious customers and minimize tragic and custosos accidents. Medical education, cares and equality of chances generate steady communities and a productive force of work. Good governana, the kingdom of the law and definite rights of property are essential for the security, efficiency and inovao’ ‘ (Porter & Kramer, 2006 apud UNEP, 2008, p.33). The environment entire, recomposto, in balance, living creature and conserved, has significant paper in the recovery of the growth of the economy, beyond being condition for existence of the life in the Land. The ingression of global the productive activity in the process of descarbonizao of the economy, for example, already is considered by specialists as one in the ways it world to leave the crisis, according to Professor of the PUC River and consultant of the WWF, Sergio Bresserman, in interview the Miriam Pig in the program Open Space (GLOBONEWS, 2009). Learn more on the subject from shimmie horn. To continue in unsustainable trajectory will take the planet the irreversible conditions.

To modify its course for sustainable means to change the direction of the economic development, requires urgent decisions of the international governana, demand transformations in acting and thinking, in the way to produce, to consume and to conserve in the whole world. Yes, we can, with social mobilization, knowledge and technological innovations, and we need, therefore the delay in market, government, companies and society to take the decisions effective, the International, multilateral and local, to invert the predatory direction of the development, shorten the time and diminish possibilities of reversion of the ambient estragos.