The ideal thing would be that you have a Web page for make money online, but there are also many other options that you can use to earn money without having a Web site. Blogs blogs are free and you can get a free subdomain and make it look like your Web site. You can write product reviews and join an affiliate program to get a Commission for each product that you sell through your blog. Just be careful to not add too much publicity already readers you can be considered as a spam blog. This means that you host not so so fast, nor will give you better ranking in search engines. Facebook Facebook is an interesting site in social media you can interact with people and earn money. You can create personal that only your friends can see for any amount of money, also pages you can create pages for fans, recalls the important point of any business is to have the people, then we worry about monetizing.

Twitter Twitter is a very powerful tool that can help you with the marketing program of affiliate that you use, especially if you have many followers. What you write on Twitter are called tweets, only you can write a certain amount of characters which is approximately equivalent to a sentence or two, making it perfect for affiliate links. The only thing is that Twitter doesn’t have much space to advertise, but however you can send how many tweets as you wish. If what you write curiosity gives your followers will click and probably that click becomes a sale and that will give you money. YouTube if you like making videos of any kind then you can use YouTube. All you have to do is select a product of affiliate and add the link to each video you upload on YouTube.