Thus any entrepreneur can be franchise-holder and to have his own business from 14,000 Euros. The formation to work in the standard that is distributed to him to the franchise-holders bases on the knowledge of perfumes and the cosmetic one, as well as the one of the service and attention to client. According to the director of Expansion of Refan, Sandra Carrin, In October a convention with all the franchise-holders is celebrated in Madrid, where we will work different factories from learning, from company management to elaboration of the same perfumes, and will have its own creator, I watch Pezco. And it is that behind this mark of perfume shop we worked a team of people it jeopardize in giving to every day better results. From power station, our delegates zonal and by all means franchise-holders, that is those that every day close by knows the needs of our clients, we contributed a sand granite so that Refan is every greater day. The company Refan Bulgaria was created in 1991 as a familiar company dedicated to the commerce of cosmetic perfume shop and mattered.

Later it is developed and it unfolded, creating, little by little, his own technological links of development and developing a natural production of perfume shop, cosmetic, products for the bath and soaps of boutique. Throughout the last years company prevails in the Bulgarian market and international with its own trade name Refan and this name it offers its production in Bulgaria, the rest of Europe, Africa and Asia. The investment to start up east business is reduced since with about 16,000 Euros it is possible to be begun. It is ideal for self-employment but like investment for which it wants to have a small chain of establishments in his locality, with establishments among 10 to 50 meters also squared in populations of 10,000 inhabitants. For more information: JJComunicAccin 91 409 44 94