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Eyes are placed in the United States for a speedy recovery that seems to be that not this or nearby, once the tax credit in the USA touch to an end on 30 April values fall without brakes suddenly. Seems frankly ridiculous in which several media only speak of an increase in sales of houses in USA which is true but the other side of the story is this: buy a House for $50,000 the answer is if! and that is the key to sales increase but prices decrease by adding to this unemployment which breaks record historical as in the Reagan era, United States will worsen several years more and will drag Europe for instance Chicago is one of the cities most important economically speaking in USA and this is a graph of the real estate values in Chicago which the median price is down without brakes. Click to view the graph this could last until 2013 only to stabilize the situation. Speaking candidly New York museums told us the story. After comparing the State market American and Spanish I can criticize the banking and Government which He has not wet or seem to take extreme measures such as Government in USA which drags millions of innocent owners and save the banks who are protected by say it somehow one of the stockings that should take is called selling short, which consists in selling a property by the taxado value, not the value paid by the creditor bank, and thus move the market creating possibility, I mean if someone bought a house in 2004 for 450,000 Euros today in day was taxada at 250,000 Euros, in that value it would sell and the Bank would seek the tickling forgiving the remainder of the money to the owner. Which is the reason why a flat in Barcelona in 2004 that does not cost the money bought in 2010 due to lack of payments will be seized by the simple fact of not being able to sell by an absurd value that is more sunken than the titanic? It’s not fair and the Government would find chestnuts in this case charging the banks the difference and that the owner does not damage their future as consumer forcing him to seize his house, which really were they that they lent the money without any logic as 100% of the winnings to pay off a mortgage, and me refieron the libreton and others more. Hypothetically this apartment in Barcelona if it were arrested would sell it for the price taxado not by due to the Bank, where this logic.I personally just see the punishment the owner has nothing to do with this horrible situation. Get more background information with materials from NYC marathon. For this reason and other Spain if it takes no action controlled and Zapatero begins to control banks and non banks to the could finish worse than the Titanic by the selfishness of the banks, although several European countries are in the same situation.