Satellite Receiver

Telecommunications today – is the foundation of any business. Sometimes even the telecommunications intended for recreation staff. For example, it is believed that the company should establish an office in the satellite TV to customers and employees of the company could get some rest from work and watch your favorite film or program. It is impossible to imagine a modern office without reliable and high quality communication systems. An important component of her – the PBX. They help to better organize the work of employees and the maximum best use of available phone lines. Modern PBX has many features: – Conducting intake and distribution of incoming calls – a flexible organization outgoing calls – incoming call, switch to any subscriber station or an external number – Automatic call forwarding – hold the line for consultation or adoption of a new incoming call – a message new calls coming in during the conversation – conference calls – the restriction of unauthorized long distance calls or access to paid services. Most of the exchanges on the market, and has Additional useful features: – direct access from outside the station to the subscribers (DISA) with touch-tone extension station – recording of incoming and outgoing calls – the organization of groups of telephone operators for optimal processing of incoming calls to prevent their loss (ACD / UCD).

In addition, the PBX can connect additional devices: – Intercom and electric lock doors – external music source and music hold – a network of speakers with an amplifier to create a notification system – voice mail, allowing, in the absence of employment or employee to leave a message in your personal voice mailbox – Integration with a microcellular network DECT standard to ensure the effectiveness of employees who are not constantly in one place. This is just basic, but each PBX can provide a wealth of other features yet. Sometimes this can vypolniyat PBX functionality, which is equipped with receiver GI – it certainly seems a bit odd, but fact is fact. Practice shows that nobody ever uses all the functions of PBX, but they can be useful for solving specific problems. PBX systems offer quality, reliability and ease of use required and small offices, and large companies, which may be located in several cities, countries and even continents. Despite the old and not very good PBX phone lines manifest themselves as a reliable mediator of effective communication between business partners. A whole network of additional and varied services, as well as developed service will not only keep up, but also effectively change the organization.