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The Constellation Of The Month: The Andromeda

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Autumn sky pronounced lay – find your star! Is the constellation Andromeda, along with Pegasus, Perseus and whale (Cetus) one of the most interesting constellations of our autumn sky! It belongs to the classic autumn constellations. The Andromeda consists of a chain of four stars, which emanate from the square of Pegasus. The three brightest stars be found between 30 and 45 degrees declination and lie nearly on a line. Under favorable viewing conditions, a faint luminous fog spot north of delta Andromedae is to realize the Galaxy M31, known also as the Andromeda Galaxy. The visible star in the constellation itself are all in our Galaxy and no further than about 30,000 light-years are away, while the distance to the Andromeda Galaxy about 2.7 million light years is much larger. Andromeda is great to watch in our latitudes, and we can only warmly recommend a star sponsorship or star baptism in this constellation! Mythology of the constellation Andromeda snippet the name derives from Andromeda, a from Ethiopian Princess of in Greek mythology, and already appears in the 2nd century a.d. by Ptolemy.

Andromeda, the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia (both also constellations in the northern sky), should sacrifice a sea monster that had been sent out to punish the vanity of her mother. Cassiopeia had claimed to surpass even the Nereids in beauty. Peculiarity of the constellation Andromeda of background information about our neighbouring Galaxy M31: M 31 is the famous Andromeda Galaxy, our next, larger neighbor Galaxy, forming the so-called “local group” along with their two companions (32 and M 110, two bright dwarf ellipticals), our Galaxy and their companions, M 33 and others. Because this object even in mediocre conditions is visible, it was already the Persian astronomer al Sufi “little cloud”, already 905 A.d. had observed it in the years (as he 59 years later wrote in his book of fixed stars).

Quantum Energy – Neus Center For Berlin

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The ESODRA Institute of new consciousness, Centre for new energies is love we are indeed in a new age friends of the new time, where we each day detect changes Kon nen, where seemingly things don’t function, as we are accustomed to. Often we wonder whether even with things going to, whether we might even dream. Let you be told that this is not a time of dreams, but everything that happens around you, is very real. When a new era falls, all who participate in this are called the change-ance to participate, to go with her and to be in the river. This can often painful cost, much energy, but in the end will be a blessing for all of us. NYC is likely to agree. We are all busy since the beginning of time to ergrun – the ourselves and our consciousness. To do this, we have trained ourselves to be master in creating ever-larger illusions. In this new era, now this is no longer attached, but it is rather, to reveal our true self, our divine core, and also to live.

SPI ritual wealth, the desire of our soul to freedom, after the one which is with everything, this is the aim of this new journey. We still don’t know dear but at this time where she will lead us, what detours we need to maybe break however, let us begin together. Quantum energy from the quantum level are energy, the energy of the new era, us about the spiritual world very effective and yet practical tools for a process of growing into this new period were sent. For this Institute and this Centre, founded the awakening – these tools available to make the people. This section of research and development is currently ongoing. We can be sure that the spiritual world in this way provides a lot for us. Every movement which shows any info on upcoming, here, can read you always here again.