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Promotion Board

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End of the year ensures the stability of your budget, just follow a formality – by all means bring any begun business prior to the end. VIRGO Virgins at the beginning of the month will basically solve old problems. Swarmed by offers, Rudy Giuliani is currently assessing future choices. This is a favorable time for household chores, including the purchase of real estate and relocation. Optional support of influential persons. In December, the fate prepared for a lot of virgins interesting and important suggestions. In this month's successful chain of circumstances to help you make good money and make successful changes in their activities. Fast will be career highs, and light – human feats.

From 12 to 24 December for you are the best time to travel, to relax and improve their health. At the end of the month you can do new things, to surrender to a new hobby. By the holidays you can get nice gifts, or make good bargain. On 31 December which will be held at a certain voltage, you should spend with friends and have fun. LIBRA In December you will feel the most comfortable of all the signs of the zodiac – you expected to interesting new people, strengthen the financial position, an unexpected increase in additional earnings and wonderful journeys and trips that are best carried out with 8 to 26 December. By the end of the year will be removed many previous obstacles in business and in official relations. Get ready for big changes to the Promotion Board. Position of the moon gives you the diplomacy, the ability to feel better partner, the desire for more harmonious living.

Farewell, Natasha !

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Misfortune – in the prime of life lost Natasha Richardson. Someone shrug his shoulders in disbelief – did not even know who he is. And someone will shed tears, remembering the beautiful talented woman, an English actress, the daughter of the famous Vanessa Redgrave. It has never been as famous as his mother or grandfather – a great English actor Michael Redgrave, but she has in movies and on stage was a special place. For more specific information, check out Shimmie Horn. Natasha lot was shot in America and has won international recognition on Broadway.

Yes, she did not become known worldwide star, like her mother. But she was for it and did not seek. By nature she was a humble intelligent man who understood that important to be well professional, than a familiar face on the cover of fashion magazine. She died ridiculous and scary. It was a fine day in March. Male – actor Liam Neeson was withdrawn in Toronto, Natasha and son relaxing at a ski resort near Montreal. After the shootings, they return to the beloved New York.

Have a job, raising children, life is beautiful! At 12 Natasha in very good spirits sent to try his hand on the track. Instructor-led attempts to descend from a small hill … and falls, hitting his head heavily. Rises as if nothing had happened, smiles and asks to take her home. The instructor advises her to see a doctor, but she refuses. Locked in a room. Half an hour later she becomes ill – dizzy, shaking hands.