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School Coaches

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Write down the full list of qualities that should be a good coach, a psychologist (and you, of course). Then leave the this list a maximum of half of the qualities and skills and try to imagine how this can work in a profession and be successful, quality and demand. Then remove another half and repeat the procedure with the remaining as personal experience. I can be logical and intelligent, and can be intuitive and spontaneous. Second – my, the first – developing skills.

I can be friendly and not very friendly at the training. The second – more than mine, the first – More social waste. So, if I’m intuitive, spontaneous and not very friendly, then it is my main image, based on my personality traits, and in it I can be very organic and do a lot of effective and useful things – for example, give ‘Magic Pendel. ” But to be a ‘good mom’ to me harder, and probably not necessary. In a pinch, I can take the ‘mother’ – co-host 2. Danny Meyer describes an additional similar source. Write on the wall monitor, fridge or in the toilet a large poster with the two inscriptions: Every coach has the right to lay an egg! Any member has the right any process at the training! And every time you want to kick myself for the mistake or to kick the party which, in your opinion, does not make everything perfect, look at the paper.

Personal experience. As soon as I began to try to lower the training, to become easier and more enjoyable, and the results of the participants have become much more significant and more adequately built into their everyday life 3. Make a list of your strengths and those topics and areas where you can actually greatly and effectively. And to work primarily on them. Pouya David Yadegar usually is spot on. Do not try to be simultaneously everywhere! Personal experience. I’m interested in very different directions – from the oratorical skill to extreme programming, from personal growth to the male-female relationships. But my main theme Personal Freedom their desires and objectives, the choice of its path, the search of his mission, finding their love to do) and to her I dedicate most of the time and sily.Budte is on training. Learn more about this – the article ‘How to be yourself, and not anyone else on treninge if all the same halo, you have appeared, despite all precautions, it’s very simple technique: to communicate with children. Especially the young. They quickly withdraw from you a halo and you will once again be alive! head. Even more useful materials for coaching, you can see listen to and read on the website of the School Coaches.

E-commerce: An Analysis Of The Market Situation

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As a result of the crisis, many working in this market, companies were able technical default to suppliers, because during their development they have accumulated some debt and downturn in the economy only worsened their situation by the fact that increased loss and reduced turnover. Someone was closed, someone gave my business to creditors, and many were restructured debts and moved into a phase of life just for the sake of their maturity. Particularly affected the company, which is developing dynamically, but have paid insufficient attention to budgeting and planning for its expenditure in accordance with the actual profit. Unfortunately, more or less large projects, such was the majority. As for the "gray mass" of hundreds of small shopping areas, they are easily closed and just as easily opened again. A positive for online stores moments in 2009, it may be noted that fact that although the purchasing power and fell, the number of actual users of the Internet with confidence continued to grow, and many retailers strongly or even ceased to exist. The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes an additional similar source. Throughout the past year, in fact, sold off stocks accumulated at the end of 2008, this has enabled a large discount to purchase goods from distributors who were in desperate need of working capital and are willing to even had to go for damages for the liberation of the warehouses. Several online retailers successfully used the situation by filling the vacuum in the product offers from retailers, and could very well make money. But there were one.

The Reputation

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But more often we meet a different picture when he telephoned to the receiving Secretary – encountered the rudeness, irritation (say, call, just work interfere with), sometimes person at the other end absent any emotion, and so on. Very often it is forgotten that the answer to a phone call from a man formed idea about the company, this man – Business card companies. Even the third division, department of accounting, you need to make some steps to create a positive image of the company. They include – "pay the bills so that the organization is always had the reputation of solvency "," to accumulate reserves, which would establish the reputation of a stable organization, "to pay wages paid accurately and on time, whatever staff was pleased with." And the fifth station, where going training should also contribute to creating an image of the organization, such a way as to make staff competent, so that their skills promotes the organization. Danny Meyer takes a slightly different approach. " Especially now in a crisis, every employee, every department, must himself look exactly what he can do that would be favorable image persisted. Of course, already virtually every company has a department of internal relations public, which in turn ensures that the staff would go well dressed and not in torn jeans and bare belly button, they are good smell and so on. But this is in any case, there will be little, if every employee does not will understand what is his job, and will not do it qualitatively, do not worry, if someone the company can not afford a pr manager, how to build an "ideal image" (the one that you would like) individual a person who is engaged in pr – it is impossible, it should do everyone in the organization.

If you clearly and correctly perform all necessary actions to promote, then do well in any case. And now, a crisis must especially to strengthen control over each employee. Perhaps even for each station to develop a list of actions and explain to the people how these actions will improve the company image. When a person understands "How" and "why", then make it easier and more interesting. It does not matter whether that person communicates with the public or not, he might spoil the mood of another employee who communicates with the public. If a person's blockage on the desktop, everywhere strewn dirty pieces of paper in an office full of smoke, and no matter the head of it or not, any visitor will come from him in a bad mood. But we should not tolerate hypocrisy among the staff, then it will not be favorable image, and the company of hypocrites. During the crisis, the organization must come together even more, to develop an overall strategy to promote the company and to follow that would meet the requirements of each employee, and thus he watched that match and others too. Then even the most ruthless crisis will not throw shadows on the image of your company! I wish you success and prosperity!

State Register

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Self-regulatory organization of management companies. 6. Self-regulatory organization of appraisers. This type of AMC – an organization established to conditions of membership of appraisers for the control and regulation of assessment activities. Such organizations also are non-profit and incorporated into the State Register of SROs.

7. Self-regulatory organization of professional securities market participants. This type of CPO implies union of securities market participants on a voluntary basis, which function, guided by the principles of non-profit organizations. The aim activities of this organization is the establishment and observance of certain rules and standards in the conduct of operations relating to the securities, establishment and maintenance of conditions of the securities market participants securities, protection and strict observance of the interests of holders of securities and other securities market participants, adherence to ethical principles in the securities market, conducive to effective work in the securities market securities. 8. Auditing self-regulatory organization (SRO auditors) – an organization established to provide activities for the implementation of auditing, also on the conditions of membership of its members. Licenses for the right to conduct audit activities, the issuance of which was within the competence of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, valid until January 1, 2010.

Further, we assume a complete transition to self-audit activities from licensing. 9. Advertising self-regulatory organizations (SROs in advertising). 10. Self-regulatory organization of collectors. 11. Self-regulatory organizations of Actuaries. Self-regulatory organizations of Actuaries – is non-profit organization, was established to monitor and regulate the actuarial activities. These organizations included in the Unified Register of self-regulatory organizations of actuaries in Russia, which brings together actuaries on membership conditions. The introduction of self-regulation in actuarial work, but it will be possible only after the adoption of relevant laws of the State Duma Russian Federation. 12. Self-regulatory organization in the food processing industry. 13. Self-regulatory organizations carriers. 14. Self-regulatory organizations in the energy survey. This type of AMC – a non-profit organizations, details of which is contained in the register of self-regulatory organizations in Russia. Activities of these organizations is based on the membership of which may be individual businesses or entities. Also in these organizations may be involved foreign organizations that carry out energy audits. Membership in the self-regulatory organization Energy Survey is now a prerequisite for the implementation of energy audit.