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London Greenhouses

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The cold gray metal "Well, someone he can inspire creativity?" – So might think those who have not seen the Eiffel Tower, a sports complex "Kwan" in the Kaluga region, or the London Greenhouses. Today this material is basis for the most daring projects that have become symbols of modern architecture. And this is only the beginning of a long road, whose origins lie in the century before steel world. Beginning. NY museums often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The architecture of metal emerged relatively recently – less than two centuries ago. First, it began to be used in the construction of bridges, since there were cast-iron columns, steel frames of buildings and superstructures.

In our time without the use of metal structures can not be provide construction of skyscrapers and multi-malls, sports palaces and indoor skating rinks. Many of these architectural structures can rightly be called modern art, and some already gone down in history as, for example, a building publisher Harper & Brothers in New York or the first skyscraper in Chicago, with a steel frame, a height of ten floors in Triumphal procession of steel structures began with Project engineer Joseph Paxton, who revolutionized the architecture of the nineteenth century: for the World Expo 1851 in London's Hyde Park, English architect, built a pavilion of glass, concrete and metal. Without the use of conventional materials: wood, nails and bricks. The design, dubbed the Crystal Palace, was 564 feet in length, width – 124 meters and the total area – 74 thousand square meters.

Chelyabinsk Agricultural University

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Every two hours in the house extinguished the light – the night comes, then the light is turned on again – the day comes. It is beneficial to the growth of poultry. In modern poultry farms mechanization accompanies the product in the future. See more detailed opinions by reading what NYC Marathon offers on the topic.. For example, in the company of jsc "Novosibirsk poultry farm machinery sorts itself a carcass: the best samples are intact, the rest of Burke. Already finished products are supplied to an automatic weighing system, packed and . It is clear that such solutions can at times be more productive. Under the wing of savings before any agricultural enterprises (including poultry farm) along with the task to increase the output and the goal is to reduce costs.

The most painful is the question of payment of bills for heat and electricity. And then again come to the aid of modern engineering solutions. For example, currently in the Rostov region Belokalitvenskoe poultry farm under construction ptitsekompleksa on European technology with the use of Metal . The modern building will reduce the cost to pay for heat and electricity. According to Danny Meyer, who has experience with these questions. "Technological features ptitsekompleksov allow to completely abandon the consumption of gas, used for heating. The temperature regime is regulated ventilation system and heat produce the birds themselves, – the director of "Poultry Belokalitvenskoe Valery Zelinsky. According to estimates experts, energy consumption in new poultry houses is reduced to about three times compared with the obsolete domestic systems.

It is very important to choose the right lighting system. About what colossal reserves savings are available, the experience of poultry "Kuma" from Stavropol. Now she is the sole producer of eggs in the Stavropol region with the use of led lighting in the housing for the birds-laying hens. Just one month of operation of the new lighting system poultry houses energy costs "Kuma" was reduced by almost a hundred times. Moreover, led lighting is beneficial to the performance of layers. Another way to reduce costs associated with the feed. Many businesses build their own feed mills right next to the housing. Thus, transportation costs are excluded, there is opportunity to control over product quality. Expenditure items for many companies is often a need to dispose of litter – and yet potentially it is one more item of income! In the near future on the South Urals poultry farms is planned to start a unique production – from the litter will get cheap organic fertilizer for crop production, balanced by content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In the search for and develop these technologies involve scientists from Chelyabinsk Agricultural University, Institute of Agroecology, specialists of the regional Ministry of Agriculture and poultry enterprises. Epoch imported "Bush legs" goes away. But that's the case, when hardly anyone will be nostalgic about the past. Poultry farming is one of the fastest growing industries in domestic agriculture. But to secure this result, Russia should build many more new facilities, which will allow to export products to the world market. Elena Grishina

The Color

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As this condition is fulfilled largely determines and shapes the image of the building and the city as a whole. By and large for only a simple layman, this condition is important. After all, none of the residents do not care for aluminum or steel profiles are mounted facing materials, no one sees and will never know. Here's how building looks from the outside, of course, see everything. There are several types of coating materials for ventilated facades – granite, aluminum composite (composite) panel metallokassety, different types of siding, asbestos, and fiber cement board with different types of coatings (dyed with a textured coating and natural rock dust).

The most striking in terms of color (and one of the most expensive) material is gres. Its surface gloss, and gives a glimpse of color looks very rich. Colours porcelain pretty broad. And the color of products of one manufacturer (in most cases, Chinese) different from the color products of other manufacturers. Typically, each factory producing granite has its own catalog of flowers. Aluminum composite panel and metallokassety (also not cheap materials) may be painted in variety of bright colors. Their color has a tinge of metal. Unified color palette for these materials does not exist. These 3 types of veneers ventilated facades are the most common and used in the cladding facades of both the administrative and residential buildings. Plate with a base of cement (asbestos and fiber cement) have several types of surfaces – dyed, textured and natural rock dust.